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  1. Hi all So this is my first post on here. Back in February I got my first Volvo, an 855 T5 which included an ECU upgrade. I've had SAAB's for years, including a 2.3T 9000 which had been mapped by SAAB Flight in Sussex and I was very happy with the work they did. I loved my 9000. My T5 is also very very lovely; I love the spinning wheels in second! Anyway, the T5 is worth keeping, having only 120k on the clock and I'm looking to do some stuff to it including a full respray and make it faster. I'm in S Wales and was wondering if somebody could recommend a garage that would be able to help with the upgrades. I'm happy to travel, but the closer the better really. I'm more concerned that they would be sympathetic to the car and able to help with other work, apart from just the upgrades. Thanks in advance.