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  1. Ive tried to book the car in for the last few days at the local garage and it goes in tomorrow so thanks for all your help I'll pass on the advice given here and update when I get the car back. Thanks
  2. how do you get to the starter motor without draining the rad? its looking hard to access tbh?
  3. ill go try that now thanks
  4. i tried to jump start and also bump start and neither worked, its the same fob ive always had for the car thanks
  5. ive tried new batt in my key fobbut keep getting just a click when i turn key, the info bar saying start prevented pls try again.
  6. so i drove it home on the rim an now i have srs airbag , reduced engine power, anti skid is disengaged, low battery, regular service due and thats about it for warning info. a few weeks ago i had the alarm going off for no reason so im def thinking prob with alarm\ immobiliser system, id like to not have to take it to the dealers would any auto electrician be able to diagnose / remedy the problem? thanks
  7. p0727 engine code is showing, powertrain engine speedinput no signal?
  8. ive got fault code P0727 showing
  9. dunno if it affects anything but i also got a new key blade to replace a snapped one and the battery was out of the fob for a little while not longer than 5-10mins i wouldve thought max. ive not seen the anti skid note come up on the info box and wondering if its anything to do with driving home and driving on the rim for a while. it says anti skid disengaged or something like that, also reduced power mode, engine service due and also srs airbags due for check but ive seen those before. basically immpuzzled why the damn thing wont start it just clicks, not even trying to turn, doesnt jump start and doesnt bump off either. obv its the immobilizer but how do i sort it pls?! thanks for any help in advance
  10. last time i drove it i got it home and there was just a rim left on the front, a blowout , and then after changing the wheel driving home on a flat tyre after finding the spare wasnt repaired correctly
  11. its says car skid temp off, eng due service, it just clicks when i try to start it? any ideas grateful?
  12. this is the bit i cant seem to find the bit it plugs into?
  13. Hi, Only me!, no problems for a few weeks apart from a blowout doing slightly more than the speedlimit, no way near double the speedlimit , no way near it, so anyway when i realise anpuncture repair hasnt held i had to drive home on a spongey, going flat, went flat ,finished up at home with the drivers side front wheel looking like a tram wheel. (im looking for an alloy to match mine and 2x 225\45\17 btw!) Anyway, the car wont start, it clicks, it says the anti skid system is disengaged, it says reduced engine mode, service is due, srs airbag service due and jus clicks and wont fire. i found a disconnected wire ner thebfootpedalsnand cant find to plug it into? any ideas please? i recent had a new blade fitted to my keyfob and the batery came out of my fob but the central locking still work?
  14. Ur mum likes to listen to radio 2 whilst "working" Ur pocket money doesnt just magically appear in her purse you know?