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  1. Hi Guys, New to the forum and looking for some advice, have recently purchased a V60 D4 Luxury here in Oz, its the 5 cly 2.0 engine with 120kw(163bhp) auto box - it goes ok and love the sound but looking for just that bit more. Very limited on tuning options here (not like the UK) have found a company called VP tuning who offer MTE ECU upgrades and another company Swedish Prestige who offer BSR(but have to send my ECU away for unlocking?)confirmed with PoleStar directly there is no tune from them for a "88" code engine? Any advice would be of great assistance - understand the final choice is mine just looking for good feedback on both BSR and MTE. Cheers, Daz - (Ex pom from Leicester) http://www.vptuning.com.au/page7.htm http://swedishprestige.com.au/
  2. Hi all, New to the forum, just purchased a 2014 V60 D4 5cly 2.0 Luxury ex Volvo, upgrade from a Ford Focus 2.0TDCI titanium. Love the sound and although they have the same 120Kw rating here the Volvo just seems to pull better of the line but does run out of steam sooner than the Ford. I thought Polestar did a tune for this engine but after contacting them directly and a Volvo dealer in the UK it is confirmed there is no Polestar tune for this engine (vin number contains the engine code "88") and there is not going to be one, therefore guys it leaves me with BSR or MTE - which way, pros and cons? Cheers, Daz