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  1. Got it, thanks! Do you think fitting a new transmission is worth it, completely or just the valve house? What would be a very rough estimate of cost? In either way, the shake, does it damage something or is it just uncomfortable?
  2. Yes, thats the model. He updated the TCM indeed and did an adaptation on all temperature ranges. Both jobs helped but temporarily. Regarding the fibre washer, I understand that they get worn and cause the shock. Is there one specifically or are there severals which get worn?
  3. A question to the expert. I own a XC70, D5, 2011. While selecting D the automatic gear gives a hard bump. The Volvo dealer changed the oil, which worked for one month. They electronically adjusted, which worked for a month. And finally they adjusted the gears, which worked for a few weeks. Its sometimes more frequent then other, even some days completely smooth without any problem. Anybody a suggestion what might be wrong?