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  1. I was in the same situation not long ago; the manual should say something like "fill with ATF". And from what I could find in discussion, different brands should mix without issue.
  2. Thank you! Very good to know Anyway, I now have a china DICE and shady-licensing copy of VIDA heading my way in the mail.
  3. Yes, of course. I unload all the "boring/serious" stuff on unsuspecting car-fan people, so I can save the party-animal for other occasions! I should maybe have worded it "disable HTTP". I feel confident in my own security capabilities, it's all the people who do not know of "the https link", 2FA, etc I worry about in my preaching of encryption everywhere.
  4. One thing is you transmit your password. While it's bad practice, a lot of people will reuse the whole or part of their password on multiple sites. In any case, every network operator between you and the forum server will be able to pull a copy of this. Another thing is that these operators will be able too do anything with data shipped to you, changing and adding content: an example could be malware distribution from a compromised WiFi Hotspot. When sending data on the Internet one should always default to encryption, even though it might not be immediately obvious why, as it's more or less practically impossible to do a covering analysis and risk assessment of every possible way that things could go bad along the way. With an encrypted and authenticated connection to the server you cut down on the number of scenarios where bad stuff could happen.
  5. I would like to suggest the forum be migrated to https over the current http.
  6. I can see how that makes sense. Looks like they didn't make a V70 AWD version though, but I guess having both Haynes and VIDA should provide good coverage. Thanks for the insight!
  7. Cheers! But not a replacement? I was looking at it as an alternative to getting a Haynes manual.
  8. Does any of you people with a copy of VIDA 2014(something) know if it covers service and repair instructions for the older cars, i.e. 850 and V70?
  9. Will do! Some more stuff for the list: Timing belt change Angle gear oil change Rear differential oil change Cooling fluid change - and flush maybe?
  10. Great read! How did it go with the car?
  11. I'm a complete noob, so there's a good chance you will be proven right Too bad I can't edit. Kind of kills my "keep track of things in the topic" thing
  12. Hmm, is there a grace period for editing posts?
  13. I need to keep track of this. And while a forum is probably not the best task management tool out there, I speculate that it does come with a bunch of motivation, because :people are watching: - So here's a project thread! I recently purchased this old V70R and am looking forward to working on it: my goal is to get it back to as original a state as possible. I've pulled the plates off of it to avoid insurance and taxes for now, while I get the basic stuff fixed. Hopefully I will have enough spare time to get it ready for a track day this season. Engine and drive train Clean engine/bay Inspect hoses, mounts, etc PCV replacement Find and install original air filter New spark plugs New cap and rotor Oil change + new oil filter Transmission drain and fill (+ get those magnetic bolts to catch metal shards?) New fuel filter Other important maintenance Fix ball joints left + right Inspect and fix rubber bushings in suspension Diagnose possible bad rear left shock Diagnose "wet drivers side floor" issue Fix "wet drivers side floor" issue Cosmetic and comfort General cabin clean Run an AC cleaner Diagnose and fix non-working AC Replace pollen filter Find and install original head lights Fix steering wheel release handle Fix stuck hatch New headliner Refurbish seats First round "stop more rust" paint job Complete repaint Find OEM or Meteor rims Other thoughts Do compression test
  14. Reading up on some info in various places on the rims, it looks like this car was originally delivered with Meteor rims. Apparently Meteor rims where only sold on '98 V70R's. That would probably make them pretty hard to find
  15. Thank you. I quite like them in silver as well, although not as special as Saffron Speaking of wheels - they "look" to be Volvo. Anyone recognize them?