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  1. Ok so I ve messed up big time and I m hoping someone here can help, I had a flat battery on my car so went to jump start it today, only in my rush to get the car started (baby screaming in the back!) I connected up the jump leads the wrong way round! I found the ignition fuse had blown so replaced but now every time I try to turn the ignition key it blows the fuse, So i m guessing I have created a short somewhere, but I ve no idea where to start looking? Can anyone help?
  2. Its on the list, pipercross panel filter a good bet too?
  3. So apart from the air intake pipe and stage 0 to carry out are there any other worthwhile mods to carry out before getting it remapped? Things like injectors etc?
  4. Brilliant, thanks for all your help chaps, I ll do a few little jobs on it and then its mapping time!
  5. Here we go!
  6. Engine bay pic coming up when I get home! I looked on europarts for the distributor cap and rotor arm for the stage 0 the other day and it does show them, but ultimately a pic will solve this one
  7. Had a quick look at the engine today engine code is b5234t3, not had a chance to look at the ecu but as I could'nt see any throttle cable of any description anywhere I m guessing its an ME7.
  8. Thought I d start a project thread for my newly acquired V70, I was in need of a 7 Seater car for my ever growning family and couldn't find anything even vaguely interesting amongst all the Ford Galaxies and Zafiras. I had seen a view v70s with seats in the boot so decided that was the way forward, I knew I wanted a T5 after doing my research and I found this old girl on ebay for £895, four hours on the train and £850 later she was on my drive, with a full service history, and 12 months MOT. I m not at all put off by its 204k mileage, it autobox is silky smooth and it drives like a 50k car, I may remap it, not sure if such a high mileage car is worth it yet. I spent today fitting the seats in the boot, another ebay find for £100 delivered, one of the seatbelts appears to be knackered so I m on the hunt for one of those. Theres not really alot that needs doing to the car, its just been serviced and has new brakes so I m mainly going to be concentrating on cosmetics for now. I m currently looking at lowering it a bit more (looks like its already a bit lower than normal? I m not sure can anyone tell?) and I m looking at options for alloys too. More updates coming soon!
  9. Yeah I can't find a belt anywhere at the moment, I only paid £100 for the complete conversion, looks like I ll be buying another just for the belt :/
  10. So I ve fitted the third row of seats to my 1998 V70 T5 and I m having trouble with the right hand seat belt, the interia part has broken, i popped open the cover and the spring has snapped, does anyone know it's possible to repair these or does anybody have a spare seat belt (part number 9177977) for sale?
  11. Ah ok! Well I don't know alot about how the car has been driven in the past but judging by its condition its not been abused at all! Who is Tim? Think I may need to have a chat with him!
  12. No not an me7 as far as I know, Its a 1998 car. My driving style is very old man like, i ll only put my foot down when I really need to, but seeing as your engine went at 207k i ll probably give it a miss for the expense involved in remapping!
  13. Not yet.
  14. Ok, simple question. I have a 1998 v70 T5 (auto) been very well looked after and serviced and drives like a 50k car but its done 204k I see alot of people in the past have gone for a remap to 305bhp, am I being silly to even consider this for a high mileage car?
  15. Not really interested in football!