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  1. Thanks again for the response Tim, I'll conclude that I might as well budget firstly for a new a clutch kit and DMF anyway - I'll see where that leaves me in regards to budgeting for a remap...
  2. Hi Redbrick, I haven't logged into the forum in a long while, but have in the last few days sadly spent countless hours scouring the web (and many threads on this forum!) for an answer... I've seen many of your posts regarding the clutch & DMF conundrum... I know you've experienced the pain so you have my sympathies!! Did you ever go down the SMF route? So with my car being the Euro IV D5 (180), I've read all sorts from "the stock clutch will be good for up to around 600nm" which makes me think that going for a Stage 1 or Stage 2 (likely from Shark) will be fine. My car is on 113k and I've no issues with the clutch or DMF at present that I know of, and I only really give it serious beans post 2k~ RPM, I'm well aware of how much DMFs hate getting smashed in by torque at low RPMs so avoid it at all costs! I like the way the car drives for the most part and a little extra grunt would satisfy, I'd like to avoid any additional NVH so I guess that staying with the original DMF is by and large the only option on that front? In regards to clutches, Tim earlier mentions that the original clutch (Euro IV 185) or S60R clutch are options - is the S60R any better? I've also come across the following possible solution if anyone can vouch for it? https://www.sachsperformance.com/en/clutch-kit/zf-sachs/performance-clutch-3000951815-s Not sure if it is indeed the 500nm rated 'performance clutch' from Sachs... Obviously, the last thing I want to do is get a remap and then the clutch/DMF to throw a massive paddy which could mean an additional £1-1.5k on top. Right now I'm torn between; suck it and see/absolutely consider an uprated clutch and possible DMF/do nothing. Any advice and honest opinions would be very well appreciated! Cheers Dave
  3. It'd be the kit, but I'm not in rush, just looking at options really. I see Shark have a couple on their site but not really sure whether what I'm looking at is priced at a premium. Cheers
  4. Hi Tim, I've just acquired a V50 D5 and considering a remap down the line but not without an uprated clutch. Do you know of anywhere UK based you can obtain one from? Cheers Dave