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  1. Hello, My name is Mike and I previously had a bad oil leak (in late December). I discovered that it was coming from the front camshaft, and so I bought it and replaced it. The main problem I am having is that I didn't understand that the camshafts are not marked in any way or only a one-way fit... so I didn't mark them at all when I was taking them off. I've tried to adjust them, spin them (and by now it's about the 4th time I've tried to rotate them), and I think there are only about 9 different ways that they can actually fit onto the car (3 holes in each of the two pulleys- 3x3=9). A few questions that I have are is this a one-person job (can it be done alone), is there any quick and easy way to do this (since I am beginning to get really frustrated trying this), and is there any more information that I need to finish this job? I feel like I'm getting nowhere. Thanks in advance for all of your help. :-)