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  1. Im not a modern person lol!
  2. Im picking up my new car tomorrow (2005 V70 D5) which has a HU850 fitted. I want to be able to have handsfree phone and bluetooth audio from my phone. I had an aftermarket HU that did everything I wanted in my last car... is that the best option here or a grom/similar unit? Thanks
  3. Thanks Just the normal symptoms then. I'm goung to keep an eye out for a cheap DMF/Clutch kit because I know it will go at some point...
  4. Thanks very much - just the normal then. Other than being a bit oily are there any other symptoms associated with failed intercooler?
  5. Hi Guys I've just bought myself a volvo... its the first one I have owned, so I am new to them! (I am not new to cars/maintenance ect - I restore classic cars and vans and I am the technical advisor for a van club) My new car is A 2004 facelift V70 with the 163PS euro 3 D5 with manual gearbox. Exactly what I was looking for. Its got 109,000 miles on it - which will ramp up very quickly (800-1200 a week atm). Is there anything that I should be doing as preventative maintenance or looking at upgrading? I would upload a pic... but I can't get it small enough on my phone Thanks!