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  1. Cheers Tim, I've only ever took an engine apart once before - that was a 3SGTE for a head gasket change and I royally balled up the timing, so I'm ideally after a complete block. Unless you can put a 2.3 head on there for me? I've had to put an oil catch can that vents to atmosphere recently, as I'm getting oil blowing past the stem seals - Engine needs to come out to change PCV anyway, so thinking about putting a rebuilt unit in. It uses all original Volvo engine mounts on the engine, except the little gearbox mount, I'll take some photos tonight - it's hard to describe. In terms of oil level checking, it's not too bad, I just have to unplug two injectors so my hand can reach around to grab it, then just use a spanner to click it back into place.
  2. Yeah if that's about then I will consider it, I'm only really after more reliability - Not planning of going silly power as the car only weighs 927kg, so even as it is at the moment it's silly. I'd happily run this 18T at 20psi but have the ability to stomp on the go pedal at any revs without fearing a bent rod, but if something is up for grabs that can handle a slightly bigger turbo, that is something I can decide to upgrade later down the line. The best option for me is to get a fresh engine built, but just curious to see if anything is around that's already done so I can simply drop it in. Cheers!
  3. I'm after an already built 2.3 T5 engine, If anyone is familiar with this on here - It will be going into my 'Volvota MR-T5' an MR2 roadster with the T5 sat in the back! Ideally after a fully built engine, but if you've got one with just rods done I will highly consider it (I'm after a little more reliability and the ability to raise the boost slightly or change from a TD04-18T to a Gt30 turbo) What have you got? This is my first post too, so hello all I guess! I speak to Shem a lot, he's sorted me out with the TD04 18T and my tune, if there isn't one already built out there, I'll be forced to throw my money his way! I can collect if needs be! Cheers.