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  1. Sounds like PCV problem, check this out
  2. Had the new (to me) S40 T5 a month or so now and loving the car!It has 153,000 klm (95,000miles) and a full service history with a Volvo dealership in Melbourne, has had all services (except one skipped on in 2015).With other vehicles I have owned I changed all fluids etc to get it ready for a life of trouble free motoring, never having owned a Volvo, or a turbo before is there a list of what to do or just wing it?I am thinking: Flush and replace coolant Flush and replace brake fluid Flush Trans and replace fluid Flush and change oil and filter Flush and replace Power Steering Fluid Replace Spark Plugs Timing Belt (plus idler pulley and tensioner) Auxiliary belt (s) Air Filter Round up a set of any needed spare parts (Bulbs / Fuses etc) Cabin Air Filter Get new Navigation Disc set Replace sagging hood lining Anything I have missed?