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  1. Ooh, forgot to mention- I picked this up the other day: Just need to find a 12cm2 turbine housing and external wastegate now.
  2. Bit more work on the sump the other day- I got the flange cut out and the fittings for the remote oil filter welded on. Will hopefully get a bit more done today, but there are other jobs that need doing around the house. :-( Think the wife might go ever so slightly mental when she sees the state of the tumble dryer:
  3. This is my old sump: This is my new sump: It still needs a bit of work to finish....
  4. So, this arrived today- another piece of the puzzle. 6 speed BMW 'box from a 130i. You can get the same 'box from a 330i. Obviously, the M Sport gear knob is worth a few bhp. Just need an old 960 auto bellhousing or knackered FWD 'box to chop up now. Anyone got one near Blackpool?
  5. I'm looking for a 960 bellhousing or even a knackered FWD gearbox if it's local. Am putting a BMW 6 speed behind the T5 in my 240 and need the front of a whiteblock gearbox to chop off and weld to the BMW gearbox. I'm on the Fylde Coast, near Blackpool
  6. Bit of fabrication is always fun
  7. Anyone got a 960 auto gearbox they want to sell me? Or maybe even a broken M56? I don't care if it works or not as all I want is the bellhousing.
  8. ...aaaaand I've changed my mind again! I'm going to go the BMW 6 speed option, with the front half of a 960 bellhousing welded on.
  9. F*#k all the breakers and their f*#kwit employees. After nearly two weeks of bull sh*t and plain old fashioned lies I've given up on getting a whiteblock M90 any time soon, so am looking at other solutions. I've just pulled the trigger on an RX8 'box, and will be making an adapter plate for it. Only time will tell if it will live with the torque but given that most modern gearboxes seem to put up with twice the torque that they're rated to, I think it will be fine.
  10. ...and a whiteblock M90 should finally be arriving in the next hour, fingers crossed.
  11. Quick update: engine and 'box are out, B5234T3 has been stripped of it's gubbins and I've removed the sump in order to get a quote for a mild steel flange for a custom one. I'm also on the lookout for a manifold flange so I can get started on the header.
  12. Well, I've finally started this project. Matilda (1992 240SE estate) is in the newly extended man-cave ready to have her heart transplant. I've got a B5234T3 to go in her and have provisionally got a whiteblock M90 to go behind it. The plan is as follows: fit engine and 'box Add huuuge intercooler Make intake and exhaust manifolds add some engine management Enjoy! Plus all the other little jobs, of course, like making an exhaust, wiring everything up, cooling, etc, etc. The eventual plan is to run loads of boost with a Holset HX35 or similar, but since my budget is miniscule I'll start off with the stock 16T for now (with added boost pressure) If anyone is expecting a fast paced build then look elsewhere! Work, family and financial commitments mean that this will get done as and when I have the time and money to continue, and used parts will be sourced to keep costs down where safe & feasible. For example, rather than buy huge injectors I could, since I need to make a manifold anyway, have two banks of stock injectors. Anyway, the engine and 'box are coming out tomorrow and all the parts are for sale if anyone wants anything (a lot of it is already sold
  13. As per the title, really. I'm doing a T5 swap into a 240 and so need the manual gearbox from a 960. I know they're scarce, but it never hurts to ask!
  14. Don't all rush to reply at once, will you?
  15. That would be great as long as they're sensible money. I'll get a kidney on Ebay straight away!