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  1. Thanks Barleycorn, I think I just got to bundle the parts and time and get cracking Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks Barleycorn, I think I just got to bundle the parts and time and get cracking Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ouch there not the cheapest then, Thanks alot for your input everyone. There was no rattling that i could hear to be fair its one of the quietest T5's ive heard all my old ones sounded belty if that makes any sense Maybe its best to start with pressure washing it down stick some oil in it and watch to see where its dripping from because when it was running the belt was throwing it everywhere making it impossible to tell Genuinely appreciate your thoughts guys thanks a bunch
  4. In my case it all started from a 250k 940, then onto a P1 v70 170bhp (what a machine that was), S60 T5 Geartronic, V40 (for a short while), V70 P1 T5 Auto and now finally the holy grail Manual V70 P2 T5. Funnily enough all my previous ones except the S60 where really miserable when it came to giving Truly don't want to give up on this one though being manual in the 1k miles ive done so far what a car its been except the fact its swallowed over 240 quid in fuel but hey smiles per miles
  5. Thanks alot for your insight, think you may well be right everything i have read seems to point at the exhaust cam. Certainly wont be driving it, in the whole 30 seconds ish of running time half a dipsticks worth of oil was over my face, came in looking like a bloody snow leopard So far my thoughts are depending on how much the vvt hubs are is to replace both seals, hubs, new timing belt and water pump and then pray for some free motoring for a while, was the maf sensor last week costing 200 Thanks again Matt
  6. Hi all first time posting today, long time reader but this time ive hit a brick wall. Came home last night and noticed i had left a trail of oil from leaving previously, too late last night ive since been out and had a look today. Removed the cambelt cover didnt seem to be too much oil but then started the engine to determine where it was coming from. By god all of a sudden there was oil everywhere ( even on the back of my van parked 5 foot away ) i did however notice the rear camshaft pulley moving in and out on start up, is that normal? My car is a 2005 v70 2.4 t5 Happy Easter all