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  1. Hi Morgan Its good to hear from you. Damn right!!! Too many projects, and now I struggle to just get up and down the stairs! It is just that there have been so many bargains around over the last few years that temptation often overrules common sense. Of the cars I have listed 7 have cost me under £200 each, and only one car has cost me more than £1000. A T5 for less than many people spend on a few weeks groceries! In my experience the more cars cost, the more likely they are to be a disappointment. I definitely plan to come over to Castle Combe. Cheers Roland
  2. Hi Muhammad I do not have a mechanical gauge but have been using Torque app. I hope it is just that Torque has been giving me a false reading. I think 44PSI is around 4 times the normal maximum boost and as you say if it had been boosting that high it would have gone bang in a big way. Cheers Roland
  3. Hi Tim Thanks for your advice, I was hoping to hear from you. I should have said "according to Torque it is boosting to 44PSI." I think it would have gone bang before reaching 44PSI wouldn't it, so hopefully I am just getting a false reading? When driving the car there is nothing obviously wrong with it although due to the apparent problem I have not been really booting it. Torque seems to work fine on my V40 T4 which it indicates boosts up to 13PSI. I have connected a tyre pump to the actuator which seems to be working ok with plenty of movement on the linkage. A new BCV is on its way. The one on the car looks like it is probably the original so could probably do with replacing anyway. Car has done 101000 miles and does not show any signs of having been ragged. Thanks Roland
  4. Hi I recently bought a 2006 model S60 T5 and have been using Torque app to check that it is ok. It is showing no fault codes but is over boosting. Today it peaked at about 44 PSI!!! It drives ok and does not falter or hold back but it does not feel like it has as much grunt as my V40 T4 ( which surprises everyone ). With some difficulty I have been able to move the actuator arm ( strong spring? ) so hopefully the vanes in the turbo are free. Could the boost control valve cause too much boost? Cheers
  5. Hi Guys, thanks for adding me. Sorry for the delay in posting but I have not been too good lately. I live near Cardiff in South Wales and have recently started using an S60 2.4 T5. It is a 2006 mode lin Dawn blue with almost all the extras. I bought it for a low price as the ABS, traction control, speedo, cruise, trip computer and reverse lock-out solenoid were not working. This was all down to one straightforward fault in the Central Electronics Module (CEM). I removed the CEM, posted it off to Volvo Diagnostics (also known as Horison Limited) and received it back within 48 hours. EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! All the above problems were caused by the CEM fault and have now gone. Only thing is I have now found from Torque app that it is overboosting although Torque is showing no fault codes. For the last three years I have been using a 2001 V40 T4 which I absolutely love. My favourite pastime with it has been kicking the s - - t out of Type aRses and making the little boys in them cry. Also an acquaintance tried to sell me an Ibiza Cupra "280 BHP" (but it did have a big turbo and intercooler). T4 left it for dead. He was not amused especially when I asked him if the Cupra was limited to 120! Over the years I have had many cars, and I have not been eligible to qualify as a "Boy" racer for a very long time. At the moment apart from the s60 I have:- V40 T4 x 3 S40 1.8GDI Sport Lux ( bought for the Arcadias but much better than I expected so may MOT it ) Ph1 C70 Coupe T5 x 2 Ph1 C70 Convertible x 2 ( 1 T5 and 2.4T ) S70 2.5 10v auto Ph1 V70 x 2 ( 1 2.4 and 1 2.5T ) BMW 740i E32 AC Schnitzer - Special order in Avus Blue with all the extras - a VERY special car. BMW 740iL E32 Jaguar XJ 6 ( XJ40 ) x 2 Mercedes 560 SEC Unfortunately most of the above are projects rather that projectiles ( or at least need a bit of TLC ) and I am now having to think about selling some of them as back and leg problems prevent me from doing much work on them. Which other members live in South Wales? Please get in touch. Cheers