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  1. Hi there, your situation sounds similar to my own. I brought a "bargain" 58 plate t5 ex armed response and all seemed great till I got on the motorway on the way home and the temperature dropped. I went through replacing the thermostat then the housing and then ended up replacing the headgasket. Turned the problem was the water hose in the pcv system, where it joins to the head it had split and was leaking steam onto the exhaust manifold. Absolute nightmare but I'm starting to get on top of things now. That gearbox mount you changed makes me think you may have the same issue I have, mine was sloppy so I replaced the bush with some tight fitting rubber hose and it made no difference. It feels horrible pulling away and changing gear smoothly is next to impossible. I had discounted the dmf before as it was changed only 50k ago but now I'm thinking it's gone or going so that's more money down the drain. I'm going to go for a solid flywheel though as I prefer the feeling and it's actually cheaper than fitting a new dmf. The main reason I replied though is that you say your in bucks. Well I'm in Bedford and I have a dice unit so if you wanted to make a trip over here I could read off your codes for you to save you getting ripped off by a main dealer. No charge.