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  1. Thanks bud, will delve in deeper and have a good look around
  2. Thanks mate Never know I might change bands and go for a 5 cyl in the end. I've never driven a T5 Volvo before, so might have a go and see what there like. I was pretty impressed with the T4 when it was up and running, but I have a 5 cyl Seat Toledo and for sound and torque is great. What should I look out for when buying a T5? I've read the 2.3 is the one to go for, but can be weak on gearboxes? Maybe I've just imagined that...
  3. Hello, I've just joined after spending all my time with vag cars. I picked up an S40 T4 and despite fsh and mot its not worth my time getting upto scratch. So, I've decided to break the car and start again with a fresh new start, so hopefully once the old one is gone I should be able to pickup a more healthy, tidy example. Fingers crossed. What should I be looking out for when buying a T4 S40/V40? Best engine code to go for? The one I have at the moment is B4204T5 Thanks and look forward to hearing from you