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  1. Nice thread guys, enjoying those vids right now.
  2. Sounds a great project Rimcius. Welcome!
  3. Share when it fix the issue. A buddy mentioned about the same issue which we will address right after we finished installing the Moto metal wheels and suspension on the current truck project.
  4. I believe the new XC90 T8 are not left behind when it comes to technology, still on of the most reliable ride out there.
  5. 850's really got good mats.
  6. Welcome back, Stevie. Share some pics when your new 850 R arrive.
  7. That's one of the neatest 1996 T5 I've seen!
  8. Hey Roland, sounds you got good projects! Hope to see some of your progress here.
  9. Hey, people! We are looking at 2008 V70 as next project and we are excited to work on it. Will be needing much information and this board seems a good place to read.