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  1. thanks for the reply, that was an option i never considered, im not looking for a temporary fix but in the same breath i don't want the repair costs to be uneconomical im happy to spend the money just as long as it doesnt cost more more than what i could go out and buy another v70r for. Any idea on what engine number i would be looking for? every time i search for this problem Mr Williams' name comes up so im guessing the guy is the dogs dangly bits at this. with regards to labour costs they shouldn't be an issue as I build prototype cars for a living, a large number of which contain the volvo t5 engine all be it cost cut versions of it any idea how i can contact Tim?
  2. hi there i have been recommended to this forum from the VOC forum and im looking for a little bit of information. I recently purchased myself an early 2004 v70r after driving the car around 2000 miles I started to get the dreaded issues of liner crack. Ive stripped the engine down and i guess there are 3 options i have:1.scrap the car (i dont want to do this at all)2. source a 2.4 bottom end and rebuild with the 2.5 top end (unsure about what engine code is a straight fit though3.re-sleeve the current engineoption 1 is something im not prepared to do until i explore options 2 and 3 first.option 2 is possibly the best option to keep the bank balance healthy and this being an economic repairoption 3 is if money was no option i would do it this way with no second thoughts, the only thing is im struggling to find a uk supplier for the sleevesif anyone on here has previously done this all the information in the world would be much appreciated!ThanksMatt