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  1. Thank you very much DSK Your post was very informative. Somehow I'd never considered the Bilstein B4's but considering their price, I think this may be the way to go. B6 are probably a bit too stiff for me. The extra spring stiffness from eibach vs oem should be sufficient too, and though the H&R's sound great too, I'm going to err on the side of caution so I have less chance of tire rub. IPD sway bars can come later as a finishing touch Thanks again for the response ^^
  2. Hi there, first off I'd like to apologise if anyone is reading this for a second time as they read volvoforums uk too! Ok so I have a '97 V70 N/A only around 100k miles.I'd really appreciate if anyone could lend me their thoughts on suspension combinations.I have 17" Canisto alloys that I'm going to be installing with brand new tyres, likely the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3: 215/45/R17.My objective is to achieve a good balance on handling and comfort. But I also really want to avoid tyre rub.To go with the new tyres, I'm going to be inspecting the suspension condition, at this moment it has stock springs and sachs dampers (nivomats were removed quite some years ago). So i'll be trying to identify anything which requires changing to improve the ride quality/comfort.I quite like the idea of upgrading to some koni sports / FSDs. I've heard some inconsistencies with the FSD so was leaning towards the adjustable koni sports. Obviously, the sports should require a stiffer spring to match. Using the H&R or Eibach Pros would obviously lower the suspension and I'm afraid that this will cause the wheels to rub. I'm not so concerned about the front (maybe i should?), as I can install a 5mm spacer to see if it helps, or change the steering lock limiter. However, if the rear rubs...that could be more difficult to solve (the oem rear suspension is very soft and sagging at the moment)Would it be a sensible option to consider using heavy duty rear springs (standard length http://www.partsforvolvosonline.com/product_info.php?cPath=2_160_619&products_id=3691) along with konis to maintain ride height without causing tyre rub? Or can I just run H&R's and put in a rear coil spring spacer at the top to cancel out a bit of the lowering? (see: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/vol...70-v70-1387907)In short : What's the best suspension option to go for with 215/45/r17 while avoiding tyre rub with a full passenger load? Options 1: HD rear springs + OEM front springs + koni FSD Option 2: HD rear springs + OEM front springs + koni sports Option 3: H&R/Eibach lowering springs + koni sports Option 4: H&R/Eibach lowering springs + koni sports + rear coil spring spacer + 5mm front spacer + steering rack limiter Option 5: OEM everything except HD rear springs + IPD anti roll bars (suggested on other forum but without any explanation)
  3. Just putting out some feelers for these if they appear... Don't mind if it's just the rear one. Changing the front looks like a lot of work...