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  1. Would never cross my mind. She does like to make her mark on a set of alloys though.
  2. I've got the original 17" Orestes that came with my V70 for sale including a set of Kumho Ecsta HM 225/45 ZR17 91W tyres. I'm afraid I've misplaced my gauge but you can see from the pics there's a decent amount of tread left. I downsized to 16s because I'm old but there's nothing wrong with these wheels that a refurb wouldn't sort. They're certainly not buckled or cracked though I think they have been refurbed before as there wasn't a mark on them when I got the car. My wife quickly remedied that situation. Not sure if there's any call for 17s on here but I thought I'd put them up Looking for £200 including the tyres and collection from Sheffield.
  3. I'd like to put my 17" Orestes up in the For Sale section. I believe 20 posts are required but I don't see a "New Topic" button unless I'm being a bit dim? :edit: It appears my 21st post did the trick!
  4. Oh that'll be the least of my problems. When it comes to working on cars I have form. Can't help myself though...
  5. Thank you. Never actually done an oil change before but I've been thinking of giving it a go. Seems sooner rather than later would be a good idea.
  6. So thinner oils in higher mileage cars should be avoided? No plans to fiddle with it at the moment but I do have a fairly heavy right foot.
  7. Coming a bit late to this thread and I know my lowly '05 V70 has a fairly vanilla 2.5T but I'm still running the Volvo recommended 0w-30. Car currently has 125700 miles. Reading the comments regarding higher mileages should I be looking at changing the grade? Previous owner had it serviced yearly and always used Castrol 0w30 apart from the service before I got it when Shell 5w30 was used. I changed back to 0w30 for the last service 2k miles ago. I ask because I got the low oil warning on Friday and was very surprised to have to top up so soon after a service.
  8. These arrived today from Dusty. Thank you very much!
  9. Well the valves check out as does the pipework. Aaarggh! Back to square one...
  10. Been there, done that. Know your limits. That's my motto.
  11. Excellent. Thank you! Want me to PayPal you something? How do you want to do it?
  12. A little clarification required if you don't mind? Talking to Tim yesterday he felt sure the culprits would be either of two one way valves or the connecting hoses. He described where to look and I found one but I'm not sure of the other. First one halfway along this hose... ...right here Second one he described as below the top engine mount and two inches further forward. Does he mean this one? I think we're getting my measure now aren't we? Tim asked if I was "mechanically competent". Oh how my wife laughed when I told her.
  13. I assumed every V70 came with them but it appears not. My XC90 came with a pair for when you're not using the luggage cover but obviously they don't fit the V70.
  14. They're not expensive. Oh no. Not even worth your time looking up the part number. I'll just take them off your hands and we'll say no more about it.
  15. I think that's the official name but it's the little covers that go over the luggage cover recess when you're not using it. Anyone got a couple for a P2 kicking about?