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  1. I have a weird problem on my T5. When you let the clutch out, unless you do it very slowly I get a "thump" for want of a better word. It also occurs when you accelerate and then let off the throttle. I've had the clutch and flywheel recently replaced along with the slave cylinder so probably nothing to do with that. Someone suggested it might be excessive play in the drive shafts. Any thoughts anyone? Cheers Moby
  2. That's a relief to know. Thanks for the info kmd. In actual fact, the noise seems to be diminishing so I'll see how it goes.
  3. Well, just had the B6 shocks fitted and it's improved the car no end. Much less roll than with the FSDs and the car feels more "planted". Only problem is I now have a knocking noise when maneuvering on full right hand lock. The garage is going to have a look but I wondered if anyone had any ideas if something has not been put back right. Someone told me the drive shafts have to come out when changing the front struts. If that's true, I'm wondering if they've not got them back in properly.
  4. I travelled back to the West Country from Newcastle yesterday so had a good chance to test it out. Basically, when I first turned it on, it didn't work. I then found that if I left it off for a bit while driving, when I turned it back on at it's coldest setting it worked. However, if I changed the settings, it stopped and I had to then turn it off for a while and restart it. It seemed that once it was running it carried on as long as I left it at it's coldest setting, which unfortunately was too cold. No idea what's going on.
  5. Hi Yosser. I haven't actually looked yet but I'm assuming it must be, otherwise the test figures wouldn't show a vacuum.
  6. I've just had my air con pumped up. The printout says: Gas recovered 424 g Oil recovered 0 ml Vacuum time 5 min Vacuum reached 963 mbar Vacuum rising 50 mbar Vacuum leak test OK Oil injected 0 ml UV 0 ml Gas injected 700 g None of that means much to me but the problem is, it still won't get cold. Any ideas? Cheers Moby
  7. I've just ordered a set of B6 shocks for my P1 V70 T5. Looking forward to getting shot of the Koni FSDs which have never really worked very well. Are there any other bits it's worth renewing when I have them put in?
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I decided to go for Shell Helix Ultra 5/40 synthetic. Seems to be a good compromise I think.
  9. Hi folks. I recently had an oil and filter change on my Phase 1 V70 T5 and the garage put in 5-30W C3 fully synthetic. I'm slightly concerned as when I look online, C3 seems to be for diesel engines only. Is it ok? Cheers Moby
  10. That's what I was looking at. As you say, not cheap. There is a German firm on ebay doing the headlight and indicator combo for about £215 but only LHD unfortunately. 6 million dollar question, did they make a difference to visibility? I think the standard headlights leave lot to be desired.
  11. Hi Pebsi. Where did you buy them?
  12. Well, so far folks it seems I need to be looking at meth injection. Had a look at this and spoke the guy there and this was what he suggested:
  13. Hi Tingy........sounds expensive? Is it easy to fit? Hi Greg........found this link which seems to suggest some of them do work: Mind you, who do you believe :-)
  14. Hi folks. Wondered if anyone has had any experience of using an octane booster in a Phase 1 T5.
  15. Unfortunately they don't seem to do it anymore. Thanks anyway.