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  1. R.I.P John
  2. Little jaunt out to RAF Cosford today.
  3. I haven't needed to upgrade my master cylinder with 6 pots on the front and 4 pots on the back.
  4. I'm looking forward to it.
  5. Bulkhead in.
  6. Time for an update I think. Rear aero is just about all sorted. Hydro/pneumatic clutch all working. Air system all done. And cage finally getting welded in.
  7. Just for fun (and yes i know the front wheel was loose)
  8. Out
  9. yep
  10. I took the power steering pump off and replaced it with a couple of idlers, and yes I'm supercharging the T10.
  11. Can you not replace it with a shorter belt and an idler pulley?
  12. It's gone bonkers on FB, the video I uploaded has had 28k views since yesterday
  13. A better vid.
  14. The rear engine doesn't have a lot of room, but it does have a cat and silencer on there, if I can't get the sound down enough, I can extend the exhaust across the back to exit on the near side, so it's another suck it and see moment
  15. Still working away on the car, I'm back on the front engine now, decided to make a new intake utilizing part of a S40 T5 manifold, Going to use a Throttle body off a Fiat 20valve as it's about the same size as a 960 TB but it has a built in ICV and does away with the pushrod assembly. Some 'over the top' vac lines And a quick start of both engines.