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  1. Who is staying at the travelodge this year? Paul
  2. One careful owner Paul
  3. Goes well through water too Paul
  4. Thinking about these for the V70 anyone know the tyre size?
  5. Booked time off work. Just a car to finish now! NEED A DOWN-PIPE URGENTLY!!!!! Paul
  6. Looking for a 3" downpipe preferably with a sports cat to suit a 2001 V70 T5. I have a Ferrita cat back already. Thanks Paul
  7. RIP sad news condolences to his family Paul
  8. Can anyone confirm if there is an issue with using secondhand discs that have been in a different car? Paul
  9. Sure so long as it has AWD and lots of clearance over 200 bhp and still return over 30 mpg Paul
  10. You were Greg I had only just collected it from the dealers after they replaced the steering lock module which took 6 days! Paul
  11. Nope it seems they "got the wrong bolts" dont believe that for a second, mind you given their complete incompetence ..... I eventually got it back Tuesday afternoon which meant in my first 10 days of ownership I had it for a total of 24 hrs Paul