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  1. So spent yesterday trying to sort out the poor braking ability After several brake bleeding cycles the pedal was still very spongy So further investigation was required Turned out the master cylinder seals had failed so new part duly ordered Thank god eurocar parts had a 30% off sale on So one brand new ATE master cylinder was ordered at a cost of £158 sovs including next day shipping Far better than the £350 quoted by Volvo and circa £220 from various other motor factors local to me Downside had I waited until today to order one GSF currently have a 50% off sale on grrrrrrrrr so would of cost me £110 typical It arrived nice and early this morning and was duly fitted being a genuine ATE part it came with all the seals and nuts required for refitting Brakes and clutch where duly bled with a pressurised system and hey presto the barge stops on a sixpence Just the doors and tailgate to swap over and then she`s off for 4 wheel alignment and jobs a good un
  2. Forgot to add They are fitted with the led marker lights at each side of the reverse light lense which are fully functional
  3. Pics as promised The units also come with the foam gaskets and 7 nuts
  4. Due to some muppet on ebay returning them as purchased in error Complete set of V70 rear light units in good condition with no major marks or scratches £100 posted or make me a reasonable offer Pics to follow shortly
  5. Due to some muppet on ebay returning the light units as purchased in error He bought them but has a P3 dozy git So they are back up for sale £100 posted or make a reasonable offer Cheers Stuart
  6. And the rear end as it is for now
  7. Not much left to do now Just the following lol Swap over all four doors (gotta use the wiring from the current doors) Swap over the tailgate Refit a few various pieces of missing trim external and internal Re-Bleed the hydraulic system as forgot to do the clutch doh!!! Get the suspension geometry checked and wheels aligned
  8. And to dispel the myths about what you can swap over between P2 and P2.5 This is an HU-803 Dolby pro logic unit from my old 2001 car along with the CCU the internals had to be swapped over into the old facia the pro logic speaker and amp were also fitted with no issues The Head Unit doesn`t light up apart from the display but that's down to no software in the CEM telling the car a stereo is fitted it was the same in my 2001 explod as plod doesn`t have stereos fitted unless you buy a P3 I had to make up a small bracket to allow the HU to be bolted to the facia as per 2001 to 2004 cars as the 2005 dash has the bolt holes removed to allow the fitting of the more compact and combined HU/CCU units The centre console was also swapped over as the 2005 one was butchered by plod Rear seats are also from the 2001 car and fit with no problems encountered I was unable to use the front seats as the wiring loom and multi--plug had changed on the 2005 car with an extra wire for the SRS system in the front seats The steering wheel is a 3 spoke leather job from an 2003 S60 and fits with no issues my original 3 spoke from the 2001 car would not fit due to a difference in the wiring multi-plug yet again I also swapped over the light control switch as it has the front fog button (Just need to source some front fogs lol)
  9. A few more pics And she's almost ready to return to the road
  10. "Sheesh i didnt think these things rusted that badly" Me neither but then this is the FORD era build 2005 to 2007 It really was bad and the underside of car was a total mess due to the high salt/grit on Scottish roads
  11. Hub carriers with new disc back plates and wheel bearings fitted The back plates were replaced as the handbrake was iffy and it was only when i`d removed the calipers and discs did I find that the original back plates had rusted away to almost nothing and the handbrake shoes were rattling about in the drum Also replaced were the calipers both O/S/R and N/S/R with brand new shoes , discs and pads being fitted Goodridge Braided brake hoses are fitted in place of all the flexi brake hoses I did have to replace the N/S/F brake pipe with a new one as it was well past it and luckily I found a garage just up the road from me who shaped the new pipe to match the old one as new pipes from Volvo come as a straight length
  12. This is the O/S rear all removable components have been taken off for a good clean and some parts replaced She`s had New rear springs , refurbished nivomat shocks , new tie arms , refurbished lower control and stay arms with new bolts/nuts throughout The hub carriers where cleaned up and fitted with new hubs , and disc back plates The inside of the wheel arch areas were cleaned up , treated with rust treatment and then given several coats of smoothrite The complete underside of the car has been rust treated and then completely repainted with underseal If you look back to the first pictures that whole section of floor panel has been cut out and a new panel welded in