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  1. For Sale 48 inch Samsung smart TV UE48HU7500 with conventional and smart remote 4.5 years guarantee remaining. £400 collection only.
  2. It would at 10,000RPM.
  3. A genuine pump has a pressed steel impeller so it shouldn't cause a problem, some cheap pumps have a plastic or cast iron impeller. These are prone to cracking and slipping causing the same symptoms you have.
  4. With 1.5mm more lift on the cams you would of been able to do 60-100 in 2nd lol.
  5. Assuming the fan works and the head gasket hasn't failed holding the header tank so that the two hoses are in water squeezing all of the top rad hose will help. Failing that running the engine at 2000RPM with both hoses submerged.
  6. Roy was a desperate and paid money for the Kum, Mo paid more money to remove previous owners Kum, Chris just trailered it to a show and Steve changed a bulb and a fuse.
  7. Hi and welcome to you and your "Kum Wagon".
  8. Hi and welcome.
  9. GM Germany are being very slow at releasing them. It's now been a couple of months with none coming through. I don't have any for sale. Take care not to buy the cheaper fake ones off eBay that say "suitable for".
  10. They do fit shit, far better than their radiators though. most people force the radiator brackets so they fit, don't do that if you also have a d088 radiator or they can leak, they also leak if you use water, tap water water from a tap.
  11. It does seem that you need a clutch pedal position sensor. Look at a how to guide and they are so simple to fit. Fitting a new one should stop the message and make your cruise work again but it will still have a code stored if read with a code reader. If the old one is wet at all or has green slime on it you will have a leaking clutch master cylinder that's leaking on to it.
  12. I've never had any wear issues or instances of the clutches slipping so it's had to say what the life would be but so far they have shown to last 2-3 times longer than stock. I don't know if you understand torque, torque on it's own is meaningless without an RPM reference. 550Nm at 1000RPM would give very poor if any acceleration at Motorway speeds, 550Nm at 5000RPM on the other hand will always put a smile on your face.
  13. That would be better answered by the person mapping the car.
  14. You would have to ask your mapper about that.