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  1. Burning engine oil is usually down to something worn in or on the engine, you might want a little bit better diagnosis though before replacing any parts to try and cure it.
  2. You cannot get the release bearing from Volvo any more and the RMS will leak if not fitted with the Volvo tool. I have a good stock of the bigger spline discs but a limited stock of the smaller ones.
  3. It sounds like you have an air leak on an engine mount.
  4. For sale, heavy duty organic clutch discs to replace all standard FWD Volvo discs. When used with an 850R cover 550Nm handling, 650Nm with an S60R cover. Bedding in is required for full torque handling. If being fitted with a self adjusting cover the cover must be detensioned before fitting as with all discs and these covers. £60 inc UK postage.
  5. No change to the original 850 or S60R, it's the front not rear of the car.
  6. Check all hoses between the MAF and throttle body/ idle valve (not washer hoses). If it's running leaner than an AFR of 20 you will be able to tell it's lean without an AFR gauge as it will be course and feel like it's running out of petrol. Is it low on petrol? When warm, (the car not you) the fueling is controlled by the MAF, TPS and Lambda sensor, if running a reasonable map you will be able to unplug one sensor at a time and tell which is screwing it up. With a decent scanner / code reader you will be able to see Live Data and that would be a big help.
  7. Yes I remember you, air filter on the washer bottle hose?
  8. I think it's intermittent as I'm sure it works when MOT'd.
  9. No problem.
  10. If you mean engine cover by "engine cover" then if you don't push the drivers side rear clip in all the way it should improve it. If it's the engine then it may need new hydraulic lifters ect. This is assuming it's a diesel. If it's petrol it will have no engine cover but a cam over, if the rattle is from inside there "inside the engine" it could be valve clearances in which case the engine is most likely on it's last legs.
  11. Hi, sorry for the slow reply, I've sent you a PM. A 2.4 is a direct fit depending on the year or it can require water pipes and PCV parts, all are standard Volvo parts.
  12. Hi and welcome, for improving the brakes you can fit Focus ST front discs, pads calipers and hoses. without removing the anchor where the engine should reside performance will be limited so concentrating on handling might be worth while. An uprated rear ARB and front wishbone rear bushes transforms the steering and handling. If it's a manual you'll have a good gearbox.
  13. Your P code is air related but the running problem is more likely to be ignition related. A check over and good service might fix both issues.
  14. I doubt you'd get a different reading the the throttle open. Consistent battery voltage is more important.
  15. A mixture of both, when they fitted VVT the failures increased and then with twin VVT, thinner oil and extended oil change intervals it got far worse. The same bearings and oil pumps used to have 10w40 changed every 12k and then it went to 5W30 at 18k. VVT as good as it is is a massive killer of viscosity killer modifiers in oil. I've had 13 engine changes this year as a result of low oil pressure with twin VVT engines and 2 without any VVT...