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  1. VIDA and a Dice are by far your best tools.
  2. Yes, some of their pipework fits ok. The TCV is best avoided.
  3. Check for 8B crimps between the PEM and pump also some people use grease on the O ring on the body of the 34 joint closure and this can hold dirt allowing the ingress of dirt... The PEM can cause exactly the symptoms you have.
  4. I wouldn't advise more than about 360BHP with a K16 unless the pistons and rods are changed.
  5. Sorry I forgot to PM you, I currently won't be able to fit it in for 2-3 weeks.
  6. 0%
  7. I'd just leave the exhaust for now and work on the brakes and handling then.
  8. I would of thought you'd want about 1.5mm more lift and head work as you'll most likely be reving it to over 9k.
  9. I'd be tempted to fit a 2.75 or 3 inch if over 320BHP is desired. It's also worth look at other work that was done whilst in the same ownership as the exhaust was done.
  10. That would depend on the desired power band, turbo and power output.
  11. There are no after market flywheels I'm aware of that have the correct configuration for your car. You will most likely need a clutch in the next 20-30k regardless of remapping. An early S60R cover has a higher clamping force than a D5 so it can cope with higher torque and give a longer life. Consideration must be given to the different intended flywheel recesses for the disc, you cannot just throw it in.
  12. Hi and welcome, fresh decent fluids and some suitable tires and you should have great fun.
  13. The controller has a test button.
  14. I don't usually comment on sale threads unless I feel they are dishonest, for this car I will make an exception. I first saw the car in Jan 2015 for a Block Shim, service and check over. I was very impressed with the condition of the car, mechanically it was A1 showing none of the normal signs of mileage related wear to the steering rack, driveshafts, engine mounts or even rear suspension. This translated to quite an odd drive for a standard S60R in that there was no suspension crashing at all, the precise steering made the rear of the car go where expected it to (rare for an R). I still remember driving Nick back to the Airport in it and running in the ruts in the first lane of the motorway to demonstrate that it goes exactly where you expect it to, I don't think he was as enthusiastic about that as I... I feel it drove more like a 40-50k car than one that had done over 100k. After doing the Block Shim and other planned work (D5 oil cooler, discs and pads and spark plugs ect) the only other things I could find that it would benefit from changing were the coolant bottle as they look nice with a new one (sorry), TCV as the boost on part throttle when cold was slightly more aggressive than it should be and the rubber cap off the top of the main bolt for the top engine mount, these were changed, some to Nicks amusement. To give an idea of the difference between this car and most of the Rs I see this one I felt could benefit from about £100 of parts which it had, in most cases the parts list alone comes to about £3500-4000. I feel Nick's painfully honest with his cars and doesn't ignore any issues or hope any thing that comes up might be a "one off". A good read through his thread about it will give the clearest, honest warts and all insight in to the car I think you could ever want. The car's never broke down, when it's had issues where it was no longer driven it was due to Nick asking my guidance on the matters, these being VVT hubs. One was changed in the car park at Castle Combe and another caused a slightly longer delay in that I didn't have any with me in Germany so he arranged recovery of the car back home for me to change it. After that there were no more VVT problems and once timed up they both ran less than 2 degrees adaption (3.5-6 is normal). I feel this is a very good accident free car with no defects that's been cared for money no object. I will stand by all the work I have done on this car and would be very happy to see it again.
  15. It was so close, I had the picture in the box but it said "upload failed". It may be better if I don't post up pics.
  16. It was so close, I had the picture in the box but it said "upload failed". It may be better if I don't post up pics.
  17. For summer use I'm using 235/40/17 R888R. With the wet weather now I'm using 215/45/17 R888R. Try Roy one of my V70 wheels to see if they will clear your rears, they may with 5mm spacers. Volans need 20mm spacers to clear your rear brakes. Credit, Neil pink 855R.
  18. Oh well that didn't work lol.
  19. I've not had a reply so it's available, £550.
  20. On Andy's car 225/45/17s will rub through the bumper, mud flap, arch liner lol and arch on the front.
  21. Personally I'd go for a 19T unless significantly more power was required. In which case if you cannot grow another pair I'd man up and ask my wife if I could borrow my balls and buy a bigger turbo. A good set up with 450BHP is more responsive low down than a bad set up with a 19T or 20T. Fortunately with turbo set ups you get what you pay for. Cavelli excluded.
  22. I'll send you a PM with possible dates.
  23. It's about £120 cheaper to have the Block Mod and cam belt with aux belts together than two separate jobs.
  24. Best of luck, I'll pop up and watch some.