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    854 (Saloon 850)
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    20G turbo mte gripper + more 13.3 @ avon 2012
  1. hi all anyone now this car or owned it in the passed looking for any info on this T5 SMJ
  2. looks stunning pete well done
  3. Ad to swap my Sunday tez with the boss so it's a no show SOS mate
  4. put me down for this tez
  5. thats one hell off a vid mate
  6. happy birthday to u
  7. welcome mate nice R
  8. cheers was 315 on its last run done a couple of mods since then and no weight loss yet?
  9. yea was poor claymore even with my gripper in i was still spinning up got a 13.7 @ 106.9
  10. run at york last year with no gripper fitted a gripper and it was a lot better this yeardouble post DOH
  11. run at york last year with no grip fitted a gripper and it was a lot better this year
  12. yea nice to meet u mate think a gripper would help u with all that power.
  13. lol back only walked away with 3 trophy`s fastest 850 1/4mile fastest reaction time and fastest teriminal speed not a bad days work.