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  1. Early days but who's up for it in May? Got a scratch that needs itching and a fully Ring ready Fiddy that needs a good spanking.
  2. My Boss's Boss rocked up in that exact same colour T8 the other day... bought outright as it made 'tax sense' for the business. I suggested he moved it on to me before it required new batteries at £17.5K!
  3. Likewise. This work business really does get in the way sometimes. %5BURL= #infookinhatethisforumsoftware
  4. Is it the height of rudeness to take our own Black Pudding? I really don't like their high end especially imported just for us version with the big lumps in it. Tim ask the question please when you book the breakfasts... 😂
  5. The Fiddy used to be a bit of a feisty Terrier, always trying to hump your leg. So after some work from Tim fitting a hybrid 19T and a few hours mapping 4.4 with Ryan they have created a rabid Pit Bull that wants to tear my face off. I am simply blown away with it, not in my wildest imagination did I expect anything like this! Huge respect and thanks to you both.
  6. Anyone else have Sky Q? I've returned from a few days away to find random recordings on the hard drive. Anyone else have this issue as it's happened before. Getting annoying now.
  7. Thanks that sounds very possible. The predicive bit not the this 'Babe Station' you talk of that I have no idea about...
  8. I love my V70 D5 for its comfort. Unfortunately on one of my many skiing blitzkreigs, 900 miles door to door (Kitzbuhel to Bristol) completed in 13 hours I ended up with a DVT. Incredibly stupid move in hindsight. They might be comfy but make sure to take break and have a wander round every two hours.
  9. After a ridiculously bollocks day at work I am now giggling. Thanks all.
  10. I think you are thinking a little too deeply! Your gender has nothing to do with it as does living in Gloucestershire as I do all be it a little further south. You will get facts on this forum not random guesses from people who proclaim they know what they are talking about (as on other forums and FB groups).
  11. Hope the track is open that evening and we can have some fun with the cars still there, as long as no 'Lambo corner' repeats.
  12. So not only is Don selling his cars but now his forum as well! Sad times.
  13. I press the button and see if the AFR drops.
  14. First track day, keep it simple.. fresh brake fluid, resonable pad depth and be aware of tyre pressures. Concentrate on lines not speed. Do sets of 3 or 4 laps and then take a break to check the car over and rehydrate. Keep a very close eye in your rearview mirror for other participants and the aggressiveness of any invitees in non-Volvos. I'm taking a year off from driving this year so grab me if you need assistance, or someone to take the piss.
  15. Fantastic well done. Can't wait to see this at the Ring.... Where is this painter based?
  16. Well this is proving rather difficult! Just browsing for some all year round road tyres for the 855. Have to be 235/40 17 and that is the limiting factor it seems. Anyone had any experience of Kumho Ecsta KU39's? Would love some Michelins but smallest are now 18's.
  17. lol the damage is done. I have no intention of 'repairing' the damage (until my wings rot out). Thanks for the suggestions. The AD08's are £10'ish less than R888R's so that isn't going to happen as I'd spend the money on the R888R's for track. Just wish there was a Michelin of any flavour made in my size.
  18. Odd. Maybe they are a bit overun with all the positive reviews!
  19. Hello and welcome. Love the colour of that one.
  20. There are a few of us with a DICE and VIDA. I'm in Yate if you are ever up this way and want codes read and cleared.
  21. You know the best mod for a Spaceball equiped car is to fit a standard gear stick? Just saying!
  22. I bought my first 850 AP kit second hand back in 2000 and paid.... £400. Came with brand new EBC Greenstuff pads as well which I sold many years later for £70. Just saying... they come round second hand every decade or so. 😈
  23. Can you recall what size this is?
  24. My rear strut brace makes my mod list unique so is therefore priceless. I think it makes fook all difference to the handling other than adding a kg of weight to the rear.
  25. Hook up VOL-FCR and read the codes. Have you got the old style ABS module?