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  1. My D5 I'll have you know Anyway you dick, BALD!!! WTF! I left them with Tim last year with plenty of tread for this years fun and games You'd better learn to drive better and treat your tyres with a bit more TLC Edit: should have added, I've got something like 44 pairs of wheels for the bikes plus 4 sets of wheels for the barge. You think you've got storage problems
  2. Yup, no issues although I did get them to change the handbrake cables at the time as well as these were a known issue which most likely would have failed (housing had rubbed through in a couple of places).
  3. Chap down the road had a black V90 on the drive yesterday. Still not my cup of tea
  4. Thanks, she's still going strong. Got through another track day at Castle Combe in July with only one small battle scar. Just gone in today for MOT; fingers crossed.
  5. Actually saw one of these in the flesh yesterday. Guy living a few doors away seems to have some involvement in Volvo as he's always got new cars on the drive. XC90 the other day, looked more like a chav mobile, hideous. Yesterday has a dark grey metallic V90 just the one above. Just confirmed my thoughts; I don't like the look. Too much chromey, blingy bits, the front end is hideous along with the back end and the bonnet just seems too long for the car overall, especially as only hides a dinky 4pot (albeit with a healthy output these days). I'l admit moving to the P2 V70 from a previous 945 and experience of the 850/V70 P1 took time to grow on me, but my immediate reaction to this thing is so much more meh. Just looks too much like so other bland boxes on the road from Merc/Audi/Ford and the like.
  6. I've got my 2004 complete front front bumper and mountings plus original grille plus a black mesh grille and complete with fog lights sitting in one of my sheds if it helps anyone interested in getting this back up and running for a forum member. It'll need a re-spray as it's mistral green not dark blue plus it's got a few stone chips on the front. edit: it's the one in my sig pic below; now running with a R nose in case anyone still wonders.
  7. +1 and I hate these chromey inset exhaust outlets. Just so samey, samey. Another reason I hate Mercs and Audi's, just looks like so boring. Seems to be a common theme across most new designs these days. Yawn;guess they've all come out the same design school
  8. I just wonder what Tim is going to do with an "Acer pimp". I'm guessing it might involve Irf in some strange, deviant way, shape or form but the mind doth boggle at the thought
  9. Plastic housings can be a bitch to unscrew, feels like you're going to snap the bugger at times. Make sure it's lubed when replacing the filter; if it comes off .
  10. Don't like, simple really. V90 is a bit better but still not a proper brick; too much of a sloped arse end. Really don't like the huge chromey grill thing. Might hark back to the P1800 but that was 40years ago or so ffs. The rear end, oh god, can't these designers come up with anything more individual; they're all at it now, Ford, Merc, Audi with these awful "embedded" exhaust outlets. Boring in the extreme. The S80 stodd out as different, the 854 even more so. Now this is just too rep mobile blandness with cheap,blingy bits. Thor's Hammer lights, wtf were the smoking when they came up with that marketing crap. I'll close the door and turn the lights out.
  11. the geek in me just had to find out about these potassium nitrate normally makes things go boom I'll take a couple if it's possible.
  12. And that my boy is THE most important point
  13. Quote "Such investigations can sometimes lead to a recall. Should that be the case, it is likely Tesla would put out an "over-the-air" update to its cars, rather than having to physically take the vehicles back". open invitation to hackers of certain dispositions then. FFS.
  14. And if you believe that it'll be equivalent to me giving up lycra.LOL. I think the term you are looking for is "un f***ing believeable"
  15. Yup, moi, sat behind you waiting to go out, can't remember exactly when but I was thinking "when is he going to realise it's me and start his usual antics". Did sort of stick with you until after Esses but you soon pi**ed off into the distance. I did think you'd push on and try to lap me to start !"playing" but never did I also remember passing your car at one point, near the turn back into the pits. Gave you a cheerful beep, beep as I went past but not sure who was driving. Can't have been you as I assume that would have been like a red rag to a bull