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  1. great progess the transformation is under way
  2. scandix sell them new there is a thread on voc somwhere about it
  3. Price drop £3650
  4. hate the thought of breaking it dont think could let it come to that as for 2k the wheels exhaust spoiler and interior cost me that lol but at least if nothing else were talking about it cheers all
  5. few polished pictures of the car had very little intrest not sure weither im making the car sound worse than it is but still here,
  6. anyone point me to a breaker even?
  7. 1995 Black Manual 850/854 T5R saloon car has 120.??? couple of hundred different from last registerd on here the car has several months mot on it and is road taxed not sorned but this dosent come with as you know i haved owned the car now some 6 years from 20/5/09 and loved it dearly i have made a lot of changes on the car some need some preferred and to me improved it...its still a bit from finished in my mind and partly why im selling to be honest also the car see very little milage il find out what was on it when i got it,,the missus drives and her car always mainly used when not in my berlingo lol so 1995 854 T5R seats have been swapped from an 850R has the original t5r embroided mats all four and black rubber volvo trays for over top or swap ect has an aftermarket alpine cd player with bluetooth and hands free calling ect and original head unit all electrics work as they should inc arieal mast that i replaced has remote locking fob all working ect interior is very clean has one small tear in floor carpet but barley noticable was there when i got it exterior 850R rear spoiler 18" genuine pegasus alloys x4 continental sort 2 tyres all very good /refurbed all be it not a great job but ok wasnt happy with inside of wheels H&R lowering springs bilstien gas shocks and xc70 strut mounts s70 roof trims as they are one piece and have rain stops on front screen spray pattern washer jets from later series of car some will know i bough a low milage black 850 and swapped many panels as some rust was appearing on car >wing bonnet bootlid and three doors all four mudflaps present engine/running car has 16T turbo from a late model s/v60 with 3"angled housing turbo mounted on s60R manifold stainless 3" angled downpipe 200 cell sport cat and 2.5 cat back with 3.5 rolled out tailpiece made by mr welsh white injectors bsr induction kit and heat sheild snabb quickshift kit front strut brace magnecore ht leads car was fitted with M59 gear box and speedo reading from abs sensor on driver side full 850R clutch kit supplied by pfv also new gearbox oil from volvo castrol gtx oil and k&n oil filter water and coolant also flushed and changed and all the full service components stage 0 inc fuel filter dizzy rotor ect ect new bosch s4 battery car always run on super unleaded car has full service history book was due a stamp at 118 ive done several oil changes never recorded them bad points with the car the panels i fitted are slightly different looking in direct sun not sure if its just down to paint care difference on cars or if buffing will sort it as i havent tried lol did plan a full detail with a detailer when car was sorted/finshed ect i think black on 850 is all same paint code,,the car does need some panels painted i was going to have bootlid/front bumper/mirrors/side skirts and have four x70 handles also to be done black i also cut of wipers on the headlights and the panels under lights need painted/filled of my front inner gaurds and mudflap arent fitted as it burnt through with 18s have two spares and extra mudflaps ect the brakes are toast and where due to be upgraded to porsche items all round i have adopters and lines ect for all four corners was going to sell seperate from this but if you are intrested inquire this is why car has 18" alloys .. latest picture i have off the car and will update the minute i get it back,,,car is located in belfast can be transported by a company if you wish tho i plan on travelling to england unsure where at present to purchase a new car for both me and the missus and can deliver it myself within reason/meet point ect im asking 3995 and im sure i dont need to state how rare ect ect as im hoping it goes to a member here who will finish and love it properly its had new thrust bearing new timing belt kit boost issue sorted due to a new ipd hd turbo control valve.also boost levels and afr,s ect run and all is perfect new bosch wiper blades the car is transformed on boost! literally had none.. its been returned to standard boost levels and did have a short run on 14/15 psi and was awsome lol tho for mapping ect or an ecu to be fitted had to be returned to standard well at least i felt that way.. it will also have the engine oil changed with filter for new owner....the belt kit was genuine volvo the exhaust will be fixed too as some will be looking at it this week the brake extras i have 1-porsche 996 front adopters made by cj volvospeed include new bolts ect ,,can fit big reds or boxster S callipers part no ending in 25/26 to run s60R front discs 2-porsche boxster 986 rear adopters made by Ettinne to run xc90 rear discs 3-set of red braided lines made by swampy il will update the ad with fresh pictures within the next week or so as the car at a freinds place having the work carried out above the car comes with loads of 850 stuff which il put in the boot grills...original radios/cdplayers electric arieal spare front inner gaurds m56 drive shafts lots of other bits price is £4200 this includes all the above and the car as it sits with radio ect i have added new pictures below these have only been taken and the car just had sachs release bearing this has quietend the problem of the noise although there is a slight noise that goes away when clutch pressed in and out once? new ipd heavy duty turbo control valve new timing belt kit inc pulleys ect/water pump was fine showed no signs of wear ect ,genuine volvo parts in the photos below car is wet yes a bit of a cheat lol there is dry ones too car in need of a polish hopfully ill get it done before sale ect
  8. preferably with 3" exit, or housings seperate ect -complete with actuators prefered
  9. great read car looks great ,,always love seeing you have bought another car lol
  10. bit of a thread revival lol where would be the best place to purchase a set of tds what offset ect? to clear porsche calipers?
  11. terrible news my thoughts are with all who knew him
  12. from northern ireland nothing needs done as we are under dvla swansea used to be dvlni sister agancies you will get the choice of keeping ni reg or change to uk style for free at first taxing of the bike/car and mot stands ect from south of ireland is a whole other story there is a fee then car needs mot ect then registerd ect
  13. great car!!
  14. car is looking superb