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  1. Your car must really love you, she just keeps on giving!!
  2. That's all standard on my car at the moment. What IPD have done with their Boostability kit is very functional, but somewhat lacking in the looks department. That said I'd rather have something that performed well, I'm not very patient and repeatedly having to fix things really pushes my tolerance levels! I'm seriously considering the whole kit, although I would substitute their recirc valve for a brand I could identify & trust. It's designed to fit perfectly with their 4T4 turbo kit. To fit using the stock K24, the engine over hose sits higher, it can be cut for a neater fit but doing so means it would no longer fit a 4T4. Who is going to order theirs first?
  3. I have that IPD part fitted. I chose it because I didn't want air leaks etc, Tim fitted it when he installed my intercooler. He seemed to like it, albeit they need an option to have a boss for methanol injection. Overall happy with it. I went black so it was hidden, You didn't notice it at Combe
  4. Thanks Yosser, I'll try and track him down
  5. After a bit more digging, I think it might be part of a larger assembly, part number 30731068 http://www.volvopartswebstore.com/images/uploads/SimplePart%20-%20Volvo/fullsize/a_20150819_1436057810.png
  6. Probably the answer, or else you'll be going around in circles looking for unicorns..
  7. I agree, the back doesn't look right and the grille ruins the front end.
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a set of 18" pegasus alloys, they can be scruffy / curbed but not replicas, bent, cracked or welded will either buy or swap for a set of 17" pegs that I currently have. Might consider 2 x sets of OZ Ultraleggera 8x18 with a bit of cash. My 17's are straight and good condition. Two with light curbing but no scoring. Centre caps not included. Currently fitted with Pirelli PZero Nero 235/45ZR17
  9. Did you get this system in the end?, I've ordered and should be here next week
  10. This seems to have gone without trace now. I last saw it advertised at £4,500
  11. I'm struggling to pin this down also. It seems to link back to the fresh air charge pipe. Still can't find any part numbers
  12. A V60 doesn't compare to any of those cars in size
  13. Well I drove 320 miles to Anglesey liked what I saw and bought it! manual with 78K miles, bog standard, only 2 owners (both private) and a wedge of paperwork. so in time hopefully it will be out and about for more to see! in the mean time here we go Currently has 17" Pegs, although I have a set of 18" left over from my old V70R
  14. Hi All I've been a long time in the shadows. I have found a Sonic Blue S60R originally reg in Scotland as SL07 CWW and has subsequently carried J1 MEE & M90 JLP, it's now back on it's 07 plate does anyone recognise any of these plates / car? Just thought I would ask thanks
  15. Blog 124563 - 4T4 Turbocharger 124585 - 4T4 Turbo Base Kit 124583 - 4T4 Turbo Base Plus Kit Blue 124584 4T4 Turbo Base Plus Kit Black