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    Back in the fold with a newly acquired 52 plate S80 D5 in Cosmos Blue
    Previously owned Volvos: 1995 855 T5 in Nautic Blue, now consigned to Volvo heaven.
  1. Hi All, Due to an orang utan being let loose with a ratchet, I have a stripped thread in one of the mounting bolts holes on the source a hub carrier where the bottom ball joint fits. Despite searching everywhere I can think of, I have not been able to source a replacement hub carrier for an S80. I am making an assumption that the part from a V70 would be the same, but just wanted to use the expertise on this forum to double check before I parted with any beer tokens. Thanks in advance.
  2. Great information , thanks very much. I will take a look under the seats and then make my decision. If not there, then maybe try and find a manual set instead :-)
  3. I have the same question for my recently acquired S80 D5 if anybody can assist.
  4. Not really a new user but after an absence of around 4 years due to the demise of my old 855 T5, now back in the Volvo family with a newly acquired 52 plate S80 D5. It's good to be back
  5. Strange interior on this one, anybody know the car? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VOLVO-850R-ESTATE-GENUINE-MODEL-855-/280621416923?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item41565701db
  6. Christ almighty, did you polish it that much or did you take the photo's when it was wet, it was not that shiny last time I saw it!!! Welcome along and enjoy the ride :-)
  7. May be worth giving camskill a call http://camskill.co.uk/products.php?plid=m14b26s0p0 not listed but they are a dealer and were the cheapest for my 855.
  8. I had the same issue with ECP but they do have them in stock, just have to go mail order. Got mine a couple of months ago for aroound the £200 mark and they delivered next day.
  9. Now has an MOT after 8 days of work on the car. Another 12 months of happy motoring!! :-)

  10. thinks it may be time to dismantle the ABS control unit if he is going to meet the MOT dealine :-(

    1. shemtek_racing


      pretty sure u can pass an mot with no abs

    2. Encargado


      not with the ABS light on it can't. Failed last Friday and that it was one of the items listed.

  11. Spotted a Gul Yellow 855 T-5R turning off the A33 towards Madjeski stadium in Reading today @ 13:40 ish, looked very nice, now I really want one
  12. An eventual solution to the spring issue I had, ended up fitting new shocks and springs all round, B4's and G-Max springs in the end for a fraction of the cost of OEM stuff, even at Rufe's prices (thanks for the quote Rufe). Now drives like I hoped it would remaining flat in corners and no braking dive, just need to fit new drop links now, should have thought about it and got them at the same time as the other stuff, but did not notice they were knackered until I took the rest apart. Thanks for all the comments and assitance gents.
  13. and it only appears to have 300 BHP now:whistling:
  14. Mine has a similar problem but the pipe keeps popping at a joint in the tailgate now, prior to that it was submerging the CD multi changer in the boot
  15. Unfortunately that sounds about right, last time I had it done commercially it was well near £1k and that came with no guarantees of retreiving all the data. It does nto seem to matter who you use either, OnTrack,Dr dolomons etc they are all about the same.