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  1. errrr ring trip????
  2. i have a parrot mki9200 works well background noise cancellation works well, some cheap second hand ones on eBay too. parrot mki9200
  3. please can you add me and neil- s60t5 and mat in his mega s2000 gary (dusty) v70t5 andy s40t4
  4. nice I'm going to need more time to read through all that!
  5. I've booked and sorted the deposit for Our Hotel an der Nordschleife 11th-15th can wait now!
  6. That's 2 sickies getting thrown then! 😜..... anymore??? Lol
  7. Just thought I'd say we've just booked silverstone for the 20th Feb as it's cheap for Silverstone, if anyone fancys it. Should be good always wanted to do it.
  8. I Agree with mo

  9. Zaf is having the same problem with his twin fan on his 2008 s80, be interested to see what solves your problem
  10. lol, thank you pm sent
  11. if you end up needing any give me a shout i have some spares if you like.
  12. he's still not said if he's bought it!? lol come on???
  13. very nice!