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  1. 99 Model year which is the important bit... 98 Model year would be 4.4 When a car is registered is a complete different ball game, I saw a 53 plate V70R 4.4 on ebay a while back that had not been registered for 5 years after manufacture! is a good way to see what was fitted from the factory
  2. mine was horrendous when it was running @ +12% CO ..... so the mechanic may well be correct!
  3. interesting that the ecu number you have is in the pdf so maybe tim is right about it being 4.3 but not with the 204 part just looked at mine & it is 0261204134 & assume it is 4.3
  4. I would personally start somewhere near the ignition switch & check if that is powering what it needs to & then work your way into the direction of the ecu & check power is being received down there! some good online stuff is available & the pin out on the ecu.... I suspect someone with VOL-FCR maybe able to help with checking the immobiliser
  5. Probably I am almost thinking we should all fill our boots up with our volvo spares & have a meet out side Fezcats house & get this bloody thing running!
  6. assuming you have a T5R? think the earlier immobilisers used a different system, similar to the auto gearbox no start system if it is in gear the later cars have an electronic immobiliser & it needs to send a pulsed signal to the ecu to tell it it is all good! without that specific signal it wont start....
  7. sounds like it is time to go though everything with a multimeter!
  8. the service keys I have had tend to be hard plastic rather than the manky looking things that most of them end up looking like! i do have one that is hard plastic & assume is chipped so they obviously vary....
  9. I have a 4.3 ecu but suspect it is not compatible as it looks like it hasn't been changed I also have a 4.4 ecu but it is from a 2435 turbo engine so not sure if that would play ball! I also have a spare immobiliser & ignition barrel
  10. Hi, handy having the previous owner on line! do you think the intermittent cutting out issue is the same as the no start problem? still sounds very immobiliser to me! but that wouldn't cause a cutting out issue afaik!
  11. Just a quick check, did you get more than one ignition key with the vehicle? If so have you tried a different key? Is it possible you are trying to start the car with the service key?
  12. Ok... time for the OP to do some more investigating.....
  13. Tim the topic title suggests this is an 850R Manual which looking at the stuff I can quickly find on the net suggests this obviously looking at the picture on the trailer it is difficult to know if it is actually an 850R ! i did find this page which may help in identifying what parts it should have fitted assuming it has the correct vin plate!
  14. I thought some r's ran 4.4?