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  1. Oh really.. I've had instructions from the forum owner to ban you with immediate effect. Bye..
  2. 😔
  3. If you stand push the brake pedal 55 times whilst flashing full beam on perfectly synchronised, whilst also beeping your horn at the same synchronised rate that'll reset it. Nope.. just shitting ya, but it has more chance of helping than asking the same question time and time again [emoji23] Your choices have been outlined above a number of times, there is NO alternative no matter how many times you ask (or pray) for a different answer. We've all been there and done it. The cars are more intelligent than many owners, and are like babies.. they'll scream (or show a message), give you a bit of a clue they're broken - you either guess what's wrong (and it may die), or take it to a doctor (or mechanic) and prevent death, obviously as a public service announcement - cars go to mechanics, babies go to doctors (although Ashok is a different matter [emoji23]) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Bet you're fun at a dinner party 😂😋 You could always use 2FA (Google Authenticator) authentication which you can setup by going into your account settings and then account security and configuring it. And as for https you can just use https://forums.t5d5.org/ if you're that security conscious or paranoid. I believe there are currently issues with insecure parts (mainly images from external parties etc) which bring up mixed security messages, until that's resolved I don't believe the forum admin will enable permanent https as default. I'm assuming of course you've already used the https functionality..
  5. The simple answer is no. I've got a Grom, the audio for phone calls is crap (the other end of the call suffers badly from echo) and as you say the interface is dire (I also have the factory car kit but that's crap and ancient requiring a dedicated sim) I've now got a Parrot and a Grom, phone connects to Parrot and the audio is handled by a 32gb USB stick in the Grom. Works perfectly.
  6. Well that's an "interesting" way to block the main rad/intercooler/aircon pack. It would be infinitely more effective if you just used a block of cardboard.. P.S - I'm also going for no [emoji23] If you were seriously interested in more light output, you'd be much better off going for an LED light bar. Why you'd do it I've no idea, full beam is more than vicious enough! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I'd suspect you're testing with the boot/door/bonnet open.. need to test with them shut and car shutdown. There's more connected from the CEM fuse I suspect too. Have you obtained a wiring diagram for your MY and Model to check what's fed from that fuse? Have a look at night, glovebox/sunvisor/door pillar bulbs etc, or remove said bulbs is sometimes easier. Of course, given the cold weather it could be just a knackered battery - how old is it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Clearly a lack of the correct drugs!
  9. I'm so pleased you're learning the "General Jist" - albeit somewhat slowly for someone who's been part of the forum for so long. By the way Threads aren't worthless without pics, far from it.... Shows just how puerile and childish some people can be when they don't get their own way to be fair.. Anyway.. So as not to disappoint anyone who does believe a thread may be worthless without pics, here's a small selection to remind themselves. Please feel free to rearrange... Bed must earlier get out of Just to reinforce things, I/We don't give two hoots how much you or anyone else decided to give to people who fell on hard times, we don't keep records, that's why in some cases those "fundraisers" have been extremely ad-hoc... I can think of many forums where such trust and de-centralisation will never happen - in fact, there happens to be a number of very good reasons for the approach taken here - one of them being that because some members/people seem to believe that by giving money/contributing to fundraisers or to help other forum members that they can gain further rights or their opinions carry considerably more weight when things don't go the way they want sometimes years and years later. As for being active - great, as for attending meetings, great.. as for helping people, great - however all of that tends to happen to be returned in kind one way or another, and nobody does, nor should expect any special treatment for it. Your post above goes to show it was an extremely wise move to make in relation to appeals to help members etc, so thank you for once again confirming that the forum teams choice on that matter was absolutely spot on. Anyway, do as you will... stay/leave or generally throw your teddies out of the pram, you won't get treated any differently now or in future, you ain't the first, and you won't be the last.
  10. It wasn't an issue and isn't an issue other than someone who has decided to get irrationally irate over it. The threads about the car, nobody cares who owns it - the only person throwing teddies out of the pram is a bloke who owned it years ago and seems to believe asking for this thread to be deleted (which is exactly what he asked for) because a new owner happens to have posted on it is acceptable. Bonelorry - if you haven't learned by now the general jist as outlined by Tingy is that we won't delete stuff because someone doesn't like it then clearly you never will. As for not doing the project threads for sales.. whatever, nobody cares-but it does happen every time
  11. Reporting this and asking for it to be deleted by the mods is quite frankly ridiculous. It's a car, has nothing to do with you anymore as you've made quite clear that you've not owned it for years - and quite frankly in that case neither does the thread hold any relevance to you, unless of course you want to remind yourself - you can't do such threads, sell the cars using the threads to back up the work (as we know you do) and then complain when others do the same. If you sold it to a "jobsworth" - that's your choice to have sold, and most people just sell a car and move on, what the new owner does or doesn't do should have no interest, and nor does the fact you happen to have owned it XYZ years ago give you any rights to demand anything from old, new or future owners. Accordingly.. the threads not being deleted.. Congratulations on your new motor AndyB
  12. Correct - Barnett formula anyone
  13. Many of the "custom tuners" out there buy files from the various suppliers out there, they struggle with the specifics of the Volvo ME engine management system, some of them assume it's the same as VAG so therefore can do it.. Seen many who went the "cheap route" with a back street tuner, the fact you actually rang Hamish tells me all I need to know
  14. Pahahahaha - this could be hilarious... cue "my cars doing XYZ" or it turns out... ECU ripped open and super chip slammed in.. Haha - but don't worry.. It'll all be done openly.. Well.. In the office you won't be allowed in