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  1. If you are ever in Bristol I can't recommend Three Brothers Burgers on welshback highly enough. Superb!
  2. Chamfer the leading edge of the pads, clean up the discs and use them properly! Could just be the pad material type though.
  3. So you guys had better bring some quick cars this year. I've been busy on mine...
  4. Thanks Ashok, my Mrs will kill me hehe! At combe today, strangely enough. Hope the weather is better in the summer
  5. Any photos or vids of my shed? Ta!
  6. Awesome couple of hours thanks guys! Shame I had to go back but it restored my faith in the 306 which had felt a bit rubbish at Anglesey last time out. Even with no 5th gear it went ok over the 40+ laps I managed. As ever, the best track day of the year for me. It's great having passengers (the poor buggers) -just doesn't happen at other events I do. Massive thanks Ashok!
  7. He normally sits on male chickens rather than thrones.
  8. Bloody hell Alan, I really hope it all works out for her - great news about the lymph nodes. I lost my sister just under two years ago to cancer after 4 1/2 year battle but hers was very advanced before picking it up (like everywhere). I'm completely out of touch with whats going on this year as it happens to be my daughter's birthday on the 17th. Was thinking I might drop down for a few hours in the morning to say hello if nothing else (she's in school..)
  9. I am trying to get there. Already have a relative's funeral on the Friday which doesn't help..
  10. Oh good god no. Thats not bloody on at all. Although not really that close we had the odd chat now and then, he helped me with loads of things (including plumbing!) and a finer guy i've not met. Genuinely absolutely gutted about this as I only logged on here to message him. If you could let us know about the funeral that would be amazing. Thanks for letting us know Ben
  11. Why not ask your fabricator if he can modify it for better clearance - cheapest way to go surely? Or keep going as you are as the problem will disappear at some point soon. Just might get a touch louder
  12. Kriss, I would just suggest speaking to Ohlins directly in Germany, although they can be quite hard work at times but are normally very helpful. They will have the details you need. Have the rear shocks corroded through or is it just surface rust? Good luck - I might have some contact details in Ohlins if you can wait a few days
  13. Told you those super sports weren't bad Irf
  14. Can someone fix Dave's back please?