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  1. OK so 2nd clip fitted and the original one loosened and refitted, and no more leaks. Thanks for your help everyone.
  2. Sorry yosser, apparently I'm taking the wife and kids on an expensive holiday this year and judging by her comments I will need every penny I can get.
  3. I have a slightly used set of Carbotech front and rear pads for an S60r. Xp10's for the front and Xp8's for the rear. They have approx 10mm of material left on them. The only reason I'm selling them is because of the amount of dust they create and I won't need them as I'm not tracking the car.... I can provide detailed pictures and thickness of the pads if you require. I would like £100 per set. Or both sets for £180.
  4. I have for sale a full set of unused genuine volvo brake discs (still boxed) to fit an s60r. I would like around £220 for the set. I should add these might be better of collected due to the weight, or maybe meet half way or I can bring them to combe.
  5. Thanks guys, I have some new clips to fit tonight so hopefully everything will be OK.
  6. I've tightened the small hose clip nearest the thermostat, but it's still weeping alittle under pressure. I might try another clip before I replace the pipe, not sure why it's suddenly started. Might just be it's turning into a soft southerner :) That pipe does have 2 clips at the other end Would anyone have the part number for that pipe? No worries nick. You don't need to be sorry, it's one of those things
  7. Just got home from a spirited drive to find steam coming from under the bonnet. found coolant in and around what i think is the water pump. Have attached some pictures, not great as its dark but what do you think? I've been out and had another look and it would appear it's the small pipe to the right and underneath the large coolant pipe, looks like the jubilee clip might need tightening or perhaps the pipe replacing. Does anyone have a part number for it? It's only about 3-4 inches long and connects to another metal pipe.
  8. Thanks Nick, so far it's been faultless arrived safely in Harworth for my overnight stop. I will say this though the brakes are fantastic, tested by a young lady who didn't look before pulling out. Managed over 30 mpg on the journey down, very happy so far. I'll try and keep you all updated with information about the car. Both good and bad. But since its not going anywhere near a race track I'm sure I'll have no issues
  9. Many thanks Mark, I guess I'm going to have to pull it out and get it tested and repaired. I don't get any messages just the park sensors one. I'll double check the connections and wiring just in case
  10. It doesn't even power on, just dead. I get a warning on the dash for the reverse sensors. No satnav fitted I should add we have had battery issues and had to jump start the car numerous times. I wonder if this may have damaged the ICM?
  11. The radio and reverse sensors have stopped working and nothing will power on. I have checked the fuses, but wondered if there is a relay on the cem or anywhere else that might be at fault before i start thinking about sending the icm off for repair. Any help would be gratefully excepted.
  12. Lol, nice try guys
  13. Fantastic, will have a look on wends when I'm next off work