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  1. Well £35 later and a huge amount of loctite....... Freezing cold aircin.... Whoop whoop dance.....
  2. Oil changed today, got to love how easy it is on the 8. Brakes checked and suspension checked. Just need some lovely v power and she will be ready to go.
  3. Holy crap over 240 just for a new clutch from a reputable company. Hoping the £35 second hand compressor has the right bits to repair mine.
  4. well it seems its missing more than just the bolt, oh well of to Volvo we go..... need 30665348 sealing kit and 30733820 clutch. Is this car really jinxed!!!
  5. Found that lying on the under tray. Hoping to remove the bur and find a bolt the right size! Else it's going to be another warm one.
  6. Oil found online £48 for 6ltrs, oil filter wrench ordered, new genuine filter and washer to collect from volvo tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be fairly easy. Have I forgotten anything? I think I will still pop over and see Andy one evening if he doesn't mind to find out how to read the oil pressure etc with dice as I haven't really got a clue on how to do it.
  7. I do have dice, but trying to find somewhere local to get shell 10-60 is proving difficult, might just have to bite the bullet and get 7 x 1 ltr cans from carparts4u
  8. Seems after speaking to the dealer there is some confusion over the oil used. But it would appear it could have been 0w-30! Or 5w-30 as it's not been put on the service report I'll never know for sure. Off to get a new filter and sump plug washer and maybe try changing it myself on the drive or take Andy up on his offer of help, but after tims comments lm not sure I even want to drive to yate from Swindon!
  9. Thanks Tim, fully understand now. I will get it changed asap.
  10. Lol, Tim I think you got the wrong end of the stick, I meant change the oil asap! Not the engine!
  11. I think due to the fact that the car doesn't infact travel far and normally only short journeys I'll opt for the 10w60. Better safe than sorry, I do have a heavy right foot after all. Should I change this asap or leave it till the next change I'll be making in Sept? I could just suck it out the dipstick tube with the pela pump I use on the 8 and refill with the new grade as a stop gap till Sept. And thanks everyone for your advice so far
  12. So, I really need to pop to somewhere like kings and have them check the oil pressure, oil temp and work out what oil I need to change to. Or should I just change the oil for a 10-40 or 10-60?
  13. What oil would you recommend?
  14. It's got the recommended volvo oil, I believe it's 5-30.
  15. The oil was changed only 800 miles ago during a service. I have exceeded 5.5k a far few times, why would that increase oil usage? At the moment it is heading towards the R needing more oil than my Rx8!!