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  1. Gutted Chris, wasn't it last year that you only made afternoon?
  2. Just seen that RSCombe is on the Saturday, after the shambles of preceding years with paddock coned off and people arriving all day to set up for the Saturday, I assume there is agreement of no one arriving till after 4pm (at earliest) and entrance will be policed to ensure this actually happens. http://www.rscombe.com/
  3. I should be there for Saturday lunch as well then heading home afterwards
  4. I was talking about the Thursday night, as people arriving at different times and more just about getting something to eat and then sleep ready for Friday No Problem with Friday night wherever - I was more talking about the thursday night, probably didn't word it to well Same here, as have 2 weeks off, back on earlies on Sunday Did like that Chinese, decent food, eat yourself sick and decent value Makes Sense (although just 1????) and was more what I was referring to, based on last couple of years
  5. I'll be there for Friday night, Thursday think it's a case of see whose interested first as last year was only Me,Ryan, Tim and Ashok.
  6. Is there other options, people aren't out for a gourmet meal, but for a bit of grub and banter IMHO think many just did meal in restaurant at Ibis so could have a drink and crawl to hotel room last year.
  7. Get another T5 to fit it to
  8. Just becomes tedious with same car(s) repeatedly going out, getting black flagged as they were driving as if racing, repeated using druids to all but run other cars off track, or causing red flags by spinning off, it was blatantly obvious from the work and tinkering in the garages and in their support truck they were testing on the cheap.
  9. Very true, sadly however you often find racers who use trackdays as test days usually ending up causing endless red flags. At Brands GP trackday there were drivers and cars that should have either been on a test day, or had more respect for fact it was a trackday which would have given everyone about an hour more track time. Nothing more annoying to get out onto track and 1 lap later you do 2/3 of a lap under red flags. Good luck with next race, and well done for getting back out and persevering mate
  10. I have booked Thursday and Friday Nights, Not sure on Plans for Saturday as back to work early Sunday.
  11. Sadly not on talktalk, shame they pulled off Freeview couple of years back
  12. Wasn't you in front was it Gutted for you Nick, but glad you walked away and willing to have another go, onwards and upwards mate
  13. Don't you mean Ry-Anne as it's nearly the weekend 😂
  14. Or bake him a cake with Olives in.....
  15. You want to try talking to him and getting an intelligent answer