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  1. Sounds interesting, pics aren't showing??
  2. What the Premierinn in Thetford, or you offering a spoon and cuddle at yours. Nick, good luck, have fun, take care, shame it's so far north. I did trackday at Oulton which is a brilliant track, but was a major trek to get there and back, especially in Puma.
  3. Chassis wash 😂
  4. Depends on what car, I had a spare battery off my puma, I hooked up in boot with jump leads , made it a lot easier as could still lock car. On P2's Volvo say key off for at least 4 mins before disconnecting battery and when reconnect do with key in position 2 IIRC. IIRC people have had issues on later Ford era V50, P3's where leaving battery disconnected for 2 long caused issues when reconnecting. Worth having a look on VOlvoforums.org.uk
  5. Welcome along, Tim Williams has an explod 850, although maybe worth having a read through Joules (Sirdrivealot) posts, as spent much time and money almost as a test for early P2 T5 Explods and tuning potential/reliabilty/driveability. Craig and Neil (Peacey) run a S60 explod Trackcar. Whats with the Spud Launcher exhaust and repainted standard plod wheels
  6. Never saw you. I've never bothered with tracktime at fordfair as standards are so poor, anything goes and marshalls don't seem to take action. I was on Project Puma stand.
  7. Not a Volvo, but in case anyone plans to buy it, or knows someone looking at. Saw it at Ford Fair getting smashed up by a Focus, looks to have been repaired or ID used to ring a stolen car, either way it wasn't in any condition to ever be put back on road.
  8. Whose the 'lucky' man then, or do you mean a twin room 😂
  9. Driving a S/V70 P1 without Power Steering is nigh on impossible...... I had a union fail on rack at combe, totally unaware I had dumped all steering fluid until i slowed down in pit lane and effort to steer at end of pits was immense as IIRC Robbie will confirm (Think it was him in car with me) and me suddenly saying 'my steering has gone'
  10. If they had prosecuted for using a laser jammer, would they have got a bigger conviction, and would they have been awarded all investigation costs, at end of day it's got publicity, screwed the driver and final cost to tax payer is far less and has fired a warning shot at others as when was last time you heard of case where police were awarded investigation costs against an individual. Waiting for police to actively pursue a case where an accident chasing solicitor has won damages that weren't quite right and screw the solicitor for costs of investigating, just imagine how that could bring down insurance and willingness of these people to take on spurious claims on the chance of making some money.
  11. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2805822/arrogant-executive-fitted-his-54k-bmw-with-300-laser-jammer-that-made-him-invisible-to-police-cameras-so-he-could-speed-with-impunity/ Interesting that they used evidence from his dash cam as well, and to think without dash cam and his Laser Jammer, he could have got away with a speed awareness course.
  12. It's well hidden, but it's OK Chris you are on it
  13. Worth looking around breakers, but probably gonna end up getting complete set. Its important that you don't attempt to pull or retract a seat belt unless fitted in correct orientation. IIRC there was something about it in original instructions. I did upload a copy somewhere as first set I fitted I bought new back in 99 as Bradons were selling full genuine kit as cheap as they were going 2nd hand.
  14. Welcome