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  1. Sadly not on talktalk, shame they pulled off Freeview couple of years back
  2. Wasn't you in front was it Gutted for you Nick, but glad you walked away and willing to have another go, onwards and upwards mate
  3. Don't you mean Ry-Anne as it's nearly the weekend 😂
  4. Or bake him a cake with Olives in.....
  5. You want to try talking to him and getting an intelligent answer
  6. I was going to suggest Fuel Filter old, blocked or generally knackered, but that tends to be more of a D5 issue
  7. Watched that the other day as came up on recommended. If I'd have paid 400 Euro for place I'd have been more than a little narked, puts value of TF laps into perspective. They paid to be in both groups so 800 Euro for day
  8. Sounds interesting, pics aren't showing??
  9. What the Premierinn in Thetford, or you offering a spoon and cuddle at yours. Nick, good luck, have fun, take care, shame it's so far north. I did trackday at Oulton which is a brilliant track, but was a major trek to get there and back, especially in Puma.
  10. Chassis wash 😂
  11. Depends on what car, I had a spare battery off my puma, I hooked up in boot with jump leads , made it a lot easier as could still lock car. On P2's Volvo say key off for at least 4 mins before disconnecting battery and when reconnect do with key in position 2 IIRC. IIRC people have had issues on later Ford era V50, P3's where leaving battery disconnected for 2 long caused issues when reconnecting. Worth having a look on VOlvoforums.org.uk
  12. Welcome along, Tim Williams has an explod 850, although maybe worth having a read through Joules (Sirdrivealot) posts, as spent much time and money almost as a test for early P2 T5 Explods and tuning potential/reliabilty/driveability. Craig and Neil (Peacey) run a S60 explod Trackcar. Whats with the Spud Launcher exhaust and repainted standard plod wheels
  13. Never saw you. I've never bothered with tracktime at fordfair as standards are so poor, anything goes and marshalls don't seem to take action. I was on Project Puma stand.
  14. Not a Volvo, but in case anyone plans to buy it, or knows someone looking at. Saw it at Ford Fair getting smashed up by a Focus, looks to have been repaired or ID used to ring a stolen car, either way it wasn't in any condition to ever be put back on road.
  15. Whose the 'lucky' man then, or do you mean a twin room 😂