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  1. I may have missed it so forgive me if i did....BUT, with the Polestar tune your warranty will not be effected. Something to consider in my opinion.
  2. You should post this over on the C30 crew site. Like myself, there are quite a few D5 owners who would be interested in this.
  3. I don't seem to get any noticeable smoke when I boot it, may just the difference in the 2 tunes. There is more you can do, uprated intercooler, Miltek exhaust, air filter etc as you've mentioned.
  4. I know what they look like, I just want to see what you're selling. You say new, but without pics it's a non starter.
  5. That looks good, do you get much smoke now?
  6. Can you post some pics please? I may be very interested.
  7. I never realised that we shared the exact same date of birth, for me that makes the loss even worse. I'm glad there was a good turn out though.
  8. In this case I think it's great to be a trend setter. The D4 is a strong lump and out of the box has more torque than the D5. I'll be very interested what figures you get once all is done. Pop over to if you haven't done so already, there are quite a few guys who'd be very interested.
  9. Looks good! The wheels really work with it too.
  10. Hmmm.....wonder if I'll see any improvements when added to my Polestar tune.
  11. What sort of power are you running now?
  12. I know of a few C30's that have more than 300bhp and also have really good write-ups to follow the progression. Normally I wouldn't openly suggest another site, but in this case I feel that there is no harm... Check it out.
  13. I've got -30mm H&R springs on my C30 and am very pleased with them. For what it's worth, they are popular in the C30 scene.
  14. Haha, just noticed how old this thread is...
  15. You'll need the setup from the AWD S40/V50 so I'm guessing callipers, discs etc and it'll be a relatively straight swap. This has been cover in depth on the c30crew site as many have gone down this route.