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  1. Just an update. I have got a gearbox, and all the stuff to go with it such as loom, ecu , pedals, turbo , down pipe off a 1998 V70R. So comes with a M59 box . I read that these are not quite as strong as the M56, but as not a track car should do for a while. Does the drive shaft based LSD on these have much effect, assuming it is not knackered? The DMF seems ok and with in spec and free movement. So I will probably follow Tim's advice and stick with that. If the worst comes to it then I can change it later, but easier driving in traffic would be nice. Roger
  2. Hi, My 1998 V70R auto has a 16T turbo, that has a damaged compressor where a previous owner has dropped something in to it when running. Or left a bolt or something fall in it then started the car. It engine runs ok and does not smoke. I also have a 18T that I got as part of my manual swap kit, but I was told that it smokes. Can I take the compressor and housing off it and fit it to the 16T or is the centre part it fits to different as well? Or do I need to get a full rebuild on the 18T? I did ask on VPCUK but no one could answer. Also I have read that fitting the cross bar from a tow bar can stiffen the back end up , or is this not really noticeable? The front end is having a C70 convertible subframe and under brace on it , and also has a Volvo strut brace. I ask this as I have a spare tow bar , and the back end is stripped at the moment for replacement bumper bracelets. Regards Roger. Roger
  3. If you reuse the bolts, clean them very well and put a sealant on them as it is possible for the engine oil to leak along the threads, and on to the clutch. Personally I would fit new ones. Check the length of the new ones are the same. Roger.
  4. Thank you for the reply Tim. So basically a new DMF will be fine , with a bit of extra go. I will not be going too far with the tuning as a, I can't afford it. b, it needs to be Driveable in traffic and long journeys. But a bit more go is fun. Roger.
  5. Hi, I have got a 1998 V70R auto. That needs a fare bit of work on it The question I need to ask my self is auto and standard , or manual and more focused fast road car. I am thinking about making it in to a manual. Question 1: is do I need an external slave cylinder set up to use a solid flywheel and 850r clutch? Or can I use a later internal concentrate type ok. 2: I know the drive shafts are different, but it appears from my searches that you can use the 4 speed auto drive shafts, can any one confirm this. 3:the car will be used for daily use, has any one any experience with a Quaife dif? I think the gripper type is too hard core for the use I will put the car to. Thanks Roger
  6. If your car is a turbo then you should have a 120Amp alternator. You can use a later P2 one (140A or 160 A ,If you can find one)but need to use the regulator of a P1 car as the later ones were controled via the w terminal from the main electronic unit. I need to decide what car to use and get on with it. Regards Roger
  7. Hi Frank, It's had a bit of fetteling and new C70 head lights since I was round your house ,and now goes a lot better, still may be up for grabs as I still fancy buliding a laser blue S70 (r look alight). have you been up the pod in your S70 or did the engine knock befor you had chance? Hi Mark, Am I right in saying that I saw your bild on talk audio? I am trying to make my install look a bit more stock ,but your pod is a thing of beauty. To mount the lower speaker I am planing to use the "suport pod" off the inner door metal work offthe C70. Also beeing cheep I am using C70 dynaudio speakers, not ones like yours that likely worth more than my car. It will be intresting to hear ,how the sound stage moves ,having the tweeters on the a pillar, whether it goes up or around to the side? I am amining for the SQ side ,but only at the lower end ,as I lack in money and more so in skill. I would like to go deeper in to the audio ,when I learn more about it. Is your car a '99 or 2000 car also what size alternator do you have on it and have you done the big 3? Regards Roger
  8. Hi, I am looking at fitting the three way set up in the front doors of a C70 in to the front doors of my 1998 V70R, or a S70 if I change my car as I also have a D5 v70 so don't need 2 estates,this should sound better than a V70. I have found all the bits and have a mate who is a trimer , mostley works on aston's. RR's , bentley's ect so should be ok on a volvo. The plan is to cut and shut the lower front part of the door card, and the same for the inner metal speaker suport,then retrim the door card. The car all ready has a 901 and prologic with a 4*100w Amp out of a C70. Any one done this type of thing before and did it sound ok? Also any problems? The longer tearm plan is a sub in the boot floor(or boot on aS70) and some better alpine amps ,possibly with a topend Alpine head unit with time correction. Regards Roger.
  9. So Rupert you will have no excuse for not having the wings fitted next time I see the panzerwagon. Well done on the trip , almost done in TB fashon ,if the car was not so good. Glad you all had fun. Regards Rogerb
  10. Hi, Do you still have the car ? As I am after some more bits off it. I was the one who had the dash and dor cards ect. Regards rogerb
  11. Thanks for the reply Rogerb
  12. Hi, Has any one fitted a set of S60R front brakes to the front of a S70 . I.e is there any brackets to do so or anyone got a drawing to do so. If so what 17" 850/p1 rims would they fit under. I have got 302's on at the moment , but did like the volvo bbk I had on my 850 ,but sold them with the car when I had a p2 car before gooing back to a S70. Regards Rogerb.
  13. Hi, The rear vented braks from a 2000 V70r AWD will not bolt on to a FWD s/v/c70 car. I tryed this, the bolt holes are not in the same place and the hand brake diamater is not the same or the the disk offset. Would not be inposible but you would have to make lots of bits. Regards Rogerb
  14. Hi, What sort of oil temp and presser are you seeing under a normal road use and b under heavey use. Regards Rogerb
  15. The bushes I was on about are the 4 big rubber ones that hold the engine/gearbox subframe to the body, as on the C70 convert they are near solid ,compaired to rubber on the normal cars. The extra brace for under the car is quite large and heavy at 8.5Kg , I know that it was originaly to stifen up the car when volvo cut the top off . What I was after was has any one used thes bits on a normal S70 as a mod and did it offer any inprovement to the handling. The same for the 4 bolt "R" type wish bones (I had these on the V70 Tdi , and all I rember is that they cost a lot when they needed replacment). Regards Rogerb