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  1. Hello mate.

    I'm currently trying to recover from finding out that a lovely 854 I sold to a chap 10 years ago is by all accounts no longer with us...scrapped!  Not entirely sure what got me looking to try and find out where it might be these days but to find out (albeit not yet fully confirmed) that it's no longer around is sad news for me.  I'll let you into a secret I was going to try and buy it back!

    Any who I saw the advert for your car on the forum only realising it was posted in 2016 hen I got right to the bottom.  I did post on there but thought I would message here too.  Is it still around?

    All the best.


    My e-mail - wobbly46@gmail.com

  2. Hello. Crazy long shot but I guess this car has now gone? Link here tells a little of my story of woe... http://www.vpcuk.org/forums/showthread.php?63498-Does-anyone-know-where-my-old-car-is-VRM-N547-YCT&p=812126#post812126
  3. Sorry my friend the suspension bits I had I have sold seperately...they were QuickBrickMotorsport droplinks. Cheers
  4. Hahaha.....I beg to differ on that 1 but then I would eh Seriously tho it is near the very top end of clean, you'll do well to find a straighter 1, I can assure you!
  5. Hello mate, Sorry for the delayed reply I ve not been around for while. Yes the car does have the computer-MPG Average, Temp etc etc and its all fully functional I have just put a BRAND NEW MOT on the car too...only prob was a sticking handbrake, sorted nice! The tax runs out at the end of Nov (08). I am now asking around
  6. Haven't bumped this up for a while ladies n gents... Im now askin around
  7. Hey up peeps, just thought Id giv it a bump Anyone interested in the ole girl? I think it's obvious Im not gonna just sell her for sales sake cos Iv been advertising her for ages but it really would be nice to move her onto a good new home so I can put my plans into action. Cheers all...oh and Shaun if you read this I haven't forgotten ya mate...Im just really strugglin to get anythin to go my way at the mo!
  8. SOLD!
  9. Okey dokey will keep ya in mind mate
  10. Ok busa, I have PM'd ya mate
  11. They are scarily similar to the body colour...look great tho...but then I would say that
  12. Yes indeed matey.
  13. Anyone interested in a brand new set of QuickBrickMotorsports droplinks I have?
  14. Just to update...my car is now on the market for
  15. SOLD! Met Tim W and irf today as Tim was kind enough to come down and help out with the exchange of my brakes to irf's car and at the same time the wheels went as well cos irf's wheels wouldn't have any of it. Nice chaps the both of ya....even if you did squeeze every penny outta me