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  1. Just seen the new XC60s B)

    1. Gregs T5R

      Gregs T5R

      Forget what the cars look like what about the women:lol:

  2. The kum wagon was sold to lightning on here, so I'm officially back in the TT full time. Glad to have Spotify back and 55mpg, though I do miss the straight line speed of the 850R. In the next few months, it'll be lowered by 30mm with H&R springs, a genuine set of 19"x9j Le Mans or RS4 wheels will go on at the same time and a slight freshen up of the lights, HIDs for dipped beam, led sidelights to complete the look on the front and genuine Audi led numberplate lights for the rear which aren't blindingly bright like all the aftermarket ones. Slight taster
  3. Glad you joined up! Was wondering if you would. You should have had the v5 by now as I had the change of ownership leaflet through the post a few days ago.
  4. 255/35/19s are reassuringly expensive :o 

    1. Gregs T5R

      Gregs T5R

      Choose a different tyre size then

    2. BlackBeast


      245/35/19 are more expensive lol

    3. Lord B

      Lord B

      195/50/15's aren't B) 

  5. Ah the advantages of weighing less than a Volvo driver
  6. Yep It was never going to be up to the echelons of the V70, as I'd not do that again. Will also have to have a good think about what's happening with the mazda as I'm hoping to move back to civilisation later in the year.
  7. Nobody wants to buy the TT so I'm forced to sell the R
  8. Turns out the vibration was the tyre. Had the tyre removed and the amount of loose rubber rolling around was incredible, no wonder no machine could balance it as the balance kept changing, could also see the chords which in some places were badly frayed. I don't think that tyre had long left to go until the side wall blew. Replaced the tyre and no more shaky steering wheel
  9. Thanks Pete, first port of call is to see if the wiring loom is actually attached to the amp, if the headunit wiring is anything to go by then that's my hope I think I may have found someone who's worse than me with wiring and that's saying something Cheers Morgan, will let you know.
  10. Forgot to update this, turns out the front left wheel is buckled which I've not managed to sort out yet, though I do now have a spare set of wheels from Roy that was once on the car. Funny how things like that work out. Hopefully once I swap the wheel over no more shaky steering wheel. Headunit wise, I rewired the whole thing, only joking, I connected the plugs to their correct counterpart and it now works, though it does seem that the audio is only going through the dash speakers. No idea why, will have to look in to it further. Not had a chance to do anything with the ECC fault yet though.
  11. To be fair, mine at 458bhp was very user friendly on road and track, even with a paddle clutch and 1.7bar, though I did have a Quaife rather than a gripper and a really crap map. I know I've said it a few times before, but with that turbo, a decent map by Tim/Ben, more supporting mods and a 2.4, 500bhp wouldn't have been out of the question. However if it had gone racing probably covers it. For a T5 engine to be reliable for racing it's even more imperative that oil pressures and temps are stable along with coolant temps, none of which have been successfully implemented with a modest budget as of yet IMO. Much work needs to be done in this area for these engines to be classed as reliable for racing, which if the knowledge is passed down will of course help the track day enthusiast.
  12. As long as you unclip the hardlines from the rear 'beam' there's plenty of movement to service the rest of the rear brake system.
  13. Nice and clean, ready to sell.
  14. Changed the passenger wishbone today, ball joint was the culprit, quite wobbly and the dust boot was perished but still intact. now the knocking noise when manoeuvring at low speeds has gone. Haven't driven it yet so can't comment if the vibrations have gone, but will still get it aligned and wheel balanced in any case.
  15. I thought they had them as standard!?! Was it only the diesels that had them? I'm new to this old Volvo malarkey New gaiter fitted, hardest part was removing the outer cv joint from the driveshaft. Once that was removed it was plain sailing. New wishbone is on, the old bushes are indeed Powerflex Everything torqued up on the drivers side. Will do the passenger side wishbone tomorrow. Then on to the biggest mission, finding somewhere in South Wales that can do a proper alignment (and to a lesser extent wheel balancing).