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  1. The 1st one has got to be a Dana special fully restored and ready to sell.
  2. There's one in the fs section black t5r
  3. If Scott can drop it into the Bradford depot like he did with the wings they will store it so you can collect from there?
  4. Some poor bastard has bought it.
  5. I've got the miltek on mine and even you said it didn't drone
  6. Hello Lee where you getting them from and what you paying? been looking at them myself
  7. http://www.questtv.co.uk/video/engine-addict-with-jimmy-de-ville-volvo-850-t5r-engine/
  8. http://kalmar-union.com/parts/volvo/
  9. If they are anything like the koni I have you have to fully depress the damper then twist it until it pop's into a slot then by twisting it again it's adjusts if you get me
  10. Thanks Greg, i managed to pick a couple up from pfv as i was passing the other day.
  11. Could someone post a link or part number for these wishbones please I need a couple , also just to clarify these will fit with the big brembos? Cheers
  12. Probably how gay gold was started
  13. Should I pop out for popcorn?