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  1. Right, thanks for your help. You were right 4candles, re starter motor. Tony/Gary have just been out from Kings Motor and got it unlocked and started using method suggested.
  2. Well, WD40 has made no difference. So we are at a loss, apart from smashing window
  3. Just had new wiring loom fitted on tailgate as old one looked like it had been attacked by a rat! Driving home from garage , an 'Alarm Service Required' came up on dash. Intended to take it back to get that sorted, but life been manic here, so car parked, and (I believe) everything has gone flat, i.e., car and alarm battery. Fob certainly won't work, and using the key, moves knob up inside only a fraction, and then it just returns to it's locked position, so we can't open any door! Tried turning key and lifting handle whilst button up that fraction, but no deal Any ideas appreciated. Will try WD40 in lock soon, but don't hold out much hope.
  4. Some nutter How I could have missed those out, I've no idea
  5. Sorry, forgot these...
  6. Sadly, we got there late (my fault), but am glad I was able to make it at all, after such a cr*p year health-wise. However, really enjoyed every second. Agree with adieu, gets better and better. The pizzas were delicious - worth waiting for. The BMW that went backwards was owned by a very nice guy who works for Volvo Assist - he visited us recently to get my car battery going. It was being driven by his son at the time of the accident, I believe. Enjoyed giving irf a kick up the backside, literally Enjoyed the banter with everyone, as always. Enjoyed the meet the next day at Kings Motors - although we had been there before, on the way back from CC, as Tony had very kindly stayed open to fit my car with a new battery. All-in-all, a brilliant two days, and already looking forward to next years. (Will be running out of space for my stickers soon ) Thanks again to everyone, from the both of us
  7. The Combemeister A rose between two thorns The reason why Gary couldn't get his engine to start Some gay guy A huge thank you to those that organized this event, and to those that took part. Plus a huge thanks to Tony at Kings Motors, Westbury, for the meet the next day, and for sorting my car out.
  8. Awesome afternoon - even though I'm paying for it now The few photos I took at CC, will be posted later. Fantastic catching up with everyone again Thanks to Chris & Ben et al, for getting my car going. BIG thank you to Tony at Kings Motors, Westbury, for keeping open and waiting for us, AND for fitting a new battery for us.
  9. For giving Susie the screw she was missing Key fob sorted.
  10. Just filled my car up (68 ltrs), and paid the grand total of 66p for it :)

  11. A friend of mine, has the car mentioned in the title. He has noticed that his nearside headlight as start to “fog up” slightly, in the rear corner. He assures me it is on the inside, and appears to be like a powder. Anybody have any ideas what may have caused this, and if there is any reasonable solution? Failing that, can anybody point me in the right direction for a cheap nearside headlight replacement. (I’m doing this for him as a favour, as he is not too computer literate). Cheers, J.
  12. Thanks Tim, you're a star