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  1. Get them to check play in the DMF, it might the fine but that would be the time to do it. The lower tie bar is a piece of piss and is a DIY job so you could do that yourself. Top mount too while you are at it? The subframe inserts are a fantastic improvement, definitely do it! I put R ARB's on my D5 and that was a good improvement too.
  2. Welcome along to T5D5. Have a read of the previous topics. You are not alone, I was one of many others who went down that route.
  3. I'd fit a fully charged, known to be working battery to the car. Do you have another key that works? (Did the new key work prior to your issues?) Was it an aftermarket key or one that you have to take out a second mortgage to buy at a volvo dealership?
  4. Sorry to hear that. The new forum software does have its foibles, I also struggle with it at times. The best way to add pictures is by uploading them to a photo hosting site and then posting the link in your post. HTH
  5. Care to elaborate? That's quite an accusation!
  6. This can of worms might get interesting... This is my view and not that of T5D5. One of the reasons this forum was started was to stop people being ripped off and to get the info out there regarding bad and dangerous mappers. You are new to this forum and have been given a fair playing field to view your opinion, however many folk have got burned with remaps. Many folk have had serious damaged to engines cause by bad maps. There are many folk popping up offering maps here, there and everywhere. The tried and trusted reputable mappers with good and reliable customer service will gain custom most of the time. The sort of questions that run through peoples minds will be... Are you in business? Are you paying tax on your earnings? What real time trials and proof of longevity do you have? Have you had to invest like the bigger companies? What if someone's engine goes bang, what guarantee do they get? Was is not John who put a death code into someone's map? Out of interest, have you heard from your good friend John recently?
  7. Nice write up, thank you for the info. Apologies for the thread hijack... Rich, do yourself a favour and get second bucket, a wash mitt and some Meguirs shampoo plus. Job, jobbed! Polished Bliss has all the gear, information and a customer service second to none.
  8. Use a photo uploading site like photobucket. Then all you have to do is post the link. I have to admit that is was years and years ago that it was common practice to use photobucket but the last time I used the site, it was just about unusable. Im sure there are better ones which are also free nowadays. HTH
  9. Congratulations Nick on doing something a lot of us would like to do but won't get round to doing it. Grass track was the most I ever did. All the best for the season and please keep the updates coming. 👍
  10. No problem, apology accepted. Thank you for the update and congratulations on the sale. At T5D5 we keep things as an archive for all to see.
  11. Well said sir!
  12. Sadly the technology thats in these cars will be about 20 years old now. Don't bother upgrading to the OEM phone with removable sim etc, its a PITA. A new modern head unit is probably the way forward or something like a Parrot kit.
  13. The official line from Volvo is above but I know others use different oil, especially those tracking their cars. Often its the frequency that the oil is changed that is key. HTH
  14. If in doubt, dont drive it! Tow it to a garage/home if its only 6 miles. if you dont know what you are doing pay a garage to do it.
  15. Stick price up please Don. It gives us an idea what kind of cash you are talking about and It will help those who might be serious about buying.
  16. I did a 25mm drop on my '51 red V70D5. It was good but ruined it for load lugging and carrying 4 passengers. It entirely depends on what you want from the car. Have a read of the other similar topics currently on the go. HTH
  17. Its good to have a discussion with people offering different options and opinions without it turning into a shitfest.
  18. I dropped mine by an inch on Bilstein and eibach's but still needed it to lug a load. It would sometimes be too low with five folk in it. Anti roll bars, drop links and wishbones should be looked at while you are at it. Bottom mount inserts were probably the best mod I did to a car too.
  19. Welcome to the forum. On customer service, I'd look no further than Don @ Kalmar union for an MTE map. He can be hard to get a hold of at times but it will be worth it. They have good progressive throttle mapping. Others with the maps will give their opinions. I had a RICA map and was fucked over by the lack of customer service and them withdrawing the softloader option. Wouldn't suggest you touch them with a barge pole. I tried to get an MTE map put on the D5 but the RICA map wouldn't allow an over write so would mean paying a RICA agent to remove it and then getting an MTE map put on after, so I was stuck with what I had. The car went through two clutches in five years with the RICA map... make your own mind up on that.
  20. Isn't the black front grill badge indicative of 4.4 and the blue badge of the me7? Or is this not a definitive way of telling?
  21. Welcome
  22. Will get that looked into. Thanks for the heads up.
  23. Also, is there a hose leak as its sounding even more tractor like?