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  1. Great news fella, look forward to the updates - including champagne moments from the podium- sure you won't let us down! Good luck for the season & if I can get a pass to make it to the oulton race then I'll be there. Morgan
  2. No, not confused, just got fat fingers. Should have read ' strip me a 4.4 c70' Still not brilliant grammar, but in my defence I was on my second bottle of Vino watching Wales vs Ireland. Just to clarify, it's a '98 C70 T5 auto with throttle cable. 100k miles. Nice car, but marmalised by tree. Shame.
  3. If the looms been stripped in the yard out they'll have caused incalculable damage. Big tin snips are generally the weapon of choice for those fellas! I may have one, about to strip a me4.4 C70 T5 auto. He can have the bottom end too. I only want the head, sub frame & running gear. (It was nice car - old storm Dorris dropped a tree on it!) Still negotiating over salvage rights - but I'll put a breaking thread up once it's all.agreed.
  4. Welcome along.
  5. Welcome aboard.
  6. Wow. That went down hill fast.
  7. Bet it goes around corners well, without even having to hold the steering wheel I suspect! We had an old works transit like that once when I was a fitters mate, many , many moons ago - would go around a mini roundabout on its own, no input required from the driver. Chassis had a little bit of a twist after one of the village idiots who worked at the same firm hit a traffic island at 60 then tried to straighten it out with a 20lb sledge. He now probably works at the same body shop that fixed the ST Don't think he had a lycra fetish though..
  8. Thanks Tim... as Mr Williams has delicately (ever thought of a job with the UN Tim? ) put it: when the T5s go wrong, and they do go wrong with alarming regularity...then going ostrich will only lead to further, sometimes fatal, issues. Did I mention expensive too?
  9. I'm liking your optimism that you'll get a chance to fit the aftermarket radio before the car grinds to a shuddering halt after the mechanical equivalent of "death by a thousand paper cuts" get the codes read & get the major running issues sorted .....then maybe think about ICE...maybe....
  10. Shame fella, was looking forward to following you back to City Motors again this year whilst watching for out for giant pools of oil/coolant/ etc...appearing from under your car at every set of lights we got stuck at during brizzle friday rush hour! nearly made up for missing out on the fire engine ride...nearly... Good luck with the racing season. Morgan
  11. Cheers fella - I had suspected as much, but hoped there may have been something I was missing. Hey ho, will look into the parrot. What about splicing the factory mike feed into the Grom jack? Anybody tried? Doesn't get around the UI issues but should give better audio on calls? Trying for a factory look and hate having redundant bits of technology mocking me from the dash as I try to faff about with aftermarket kit to do something as relatively simple (emphasis on relatively!) as make a call. Thanks for the help. Cheers, Morgan
  12. Morning All, Had a good search and can't find a definitive answer to this on a thread, so whilst I wait for an answer from Grom technical I thought I'd canvas opinion from the more techie on here: My 2005 V70 T5 came fitted with a factory phone kit - speaker in the headrest, Mike by the rear view mirror & controls on the steering wheel & the ability to flick through contacts stored on the SIM ( iirc ) Now that I've fitted my Grom with blue tooth & USB it works perfectly for streaming music & if I connect up the microphone will function for hands free after a fashion. However the interface is a bit clumsy & not up to modern standards. Can I get it to work with the original factory phone speaker & mic and control it with the steering wheel buttons when bluetoothed to my phone? Or is it too basic to manage the interface between my phone & the car to pull down the data? I'm still having to pick up my phone to select callers &/or change albums. Not exactly hands free..... Any help or experience to work around this issue gratefully received. Cheers, Morgan PS I've a HTC One Android phone.
  13. super|cili¦ous [suːpəˈsɪlɪəs] ADJECTIVE behaving or looking as though one thinks one is superior to others: "a supercilious lady's maid" synonyms: arrogant · haughty · conceited · disdainful · overbearing · A few excerpts from the thread on VOC: "I know its safe, regardless of a steering stopper or not, so I couldn't care less whether you hold sceptical views, engineers have designed this, not old men on kitchen tables. you seem to be trying to use the fact that a tyre will hit the chassis as a means of dispute, when countless Volvo owners live with this issue on a daily basis RUNNING STOPPERS" "And FWIW, it appears in this case I AM cleverer than you (as these are safe and mistake free) , as you couldn't seem to fathom a way of it being strong enough but it is, and theres stress testing to prove it. you have a truly luddite mentality" Supercilious? I think so. Prick? - probably a bit harsh. In all honesty I'm a bit passed caring. I'm entitled to my opinion just as you are. You probably think I'm a stroppy welsh wanker - and you'd probably be right. However, as I said in several previous posts both on here & VOC, I wish you well with your product development as in principle its a good work around to a problem that was confounding the 'old men in sheds' for many a year. However I think you fellas still have some work to do before selling on to forum members. As with everything - the truth will out. Until then I remain faithfully sceptical. All the best, Morgan [aka the luddite ]