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  1. The Monroe stuff is approx 30% of what Volvo want for the same item, made in the same factory, sometimes less if you shop around. Cheapest I've found for the rears is £375 delivered a pair, then as you've said, springs for just shy of £100 a pair, then any other sundries plus fitting. Found this link for the Rs, but can't imagine the 4c set up on the FWD at the rears is any different - sure somebody will chip in if I'm wrong. Cheers, Morgan
  2. Best to so them in pairs of you can. Don't forget the springs, old springs will be super soft.
  3. Welcome along. I too have a facelift P2 2.4 T5, mines a V70. From what I understand the 316mm disc is standard on the facelift T5s & the calipers are identical to the 336mm set up on an XC90. You just need the larger discs & carriers. The earlier P2 T5s had 305mm set up with a 320mm upgrade. I believe the calipers are different from the xc90 but the larger set up can be grafted on by drilling out the steering limiter arm accept 14mm bolts & you'll need calipers, carriers & discs, and probably new longer flex hose to the calipers from the brake hard line. Have a read through this, it should answer most of your questions. He's a member on here too. If your on the original 4c suspension it'll almost certainly need refreshing at nearly 9 years old, especially if your over 100k. It'll be past it's best. Buy monroe shocks, they're the OE manufacturer. I've done my fronts & rears are next up once Tim gets back from the ring (when he starts picking up the phone again lol). Your looking at £350/corner for shocks, springs & sundries. Plus fitting. HTH, all the best, Morgan
  4. Check your sky settings. Iirc Sky will chose similar programs to ones you've watched/recorded in the past & download them for your viewing pleasure. Bit like predictive text. Useful, but frustrating, especially when it goes off piste. You have the option to turn this off - somewhere in settings. Good luck & try to stay off babe station, you'll go blind.
  5. Lol.....I'd have to agree...for all their foibles they are a very nice place to whittle away the miles on a long road trip. My wife says the opposite to yours - "love it less & stop spending so much bloody money on it!" Can't keep everyone happy it seems!
  6. Sounds like a plan. I've found in my P2 T5 ownership that there's no such thing as free motoring they're the gift that keeps on giving.... Thank god they're lovely & comfy, or I would have set fire to mine
  7. Yikes Think it goes without saying...but will anyway....don't drive it! It's bad now, the timing belt slipping off is not going to make it any better. Pretty sure your pulleys are not supposed to float, so suspect the exhaust cam may be the culprit. Sure one of the more technical bods will be along once they've had their fill of chocolate eggs to advise you on the best course of action. Good luck, cheers, Morgan Edit: Just found this on Interweb Looks like you should expect a little in-out movement but excessive play & oil pissing everywhere points to worn vvt hubs.
  8. Rubbing is racing...noticed you took a little knock on the OSF as the orange car passed on the as pretty hefty shunt soon after from the fella who spun in the same area. Can't have done wonders for the alignment on that reckon you're safe on the wonky steering get out of jail free card Looks like bloody good fun though. Good luck with the car & keep the updates coming on the next race. Cheers, Morgan
  9. Pretty sure the C70 from 2006 onwards has the oil filter /pcv thingy Look at this on eBay I got mine through Tim from Sturgis Volvo. Just give them a bell, or any other Volvo main dealer parts dept, give them your VIN and they can confirm the suitability. Cheers, Morgan
  10. Get it fixed before it blows a seal. My wife recently had this on her 08 C70 T5 & in 20mile return journey going easy manged to blow the inlet cam seal.
  11. Pass. I send mine to Tim at the first sign of Amber triangle. Fortunately I've never seen the red triangle of doom. And hope never to. But I believe it exists. You should also be getting warning text in the info box - anything? Cheers, Morgan
  12. Reckon you'd be fine a rent-a-uno.
  13. Personally, having now owned a P2 T5 for 2 years, also a 2005 like yours as it happens, I'm gobsmacked that you've never seen the darling orange triangle. Mine lights up with depressing regularity, at the slightest provocation. Since you've been code reading then it can't be all bad, but worthwhile checking the bulb or deliberately instigating the car to throw a code to see if it lights up. Then clear it. Good luck, but can't say I'm not a little jealous
  14. Glad your OK fella - car doesn't look too bad considering. Hopefully you'll be back up & running quick smart.
  15. Welcome. Pretty comprehensive list. All I'd add is to replace the TCV unless you've got evidence it's already been done. I'f it's the original part it'll be getting past it's best & won't be controlling the boost as well as from new. Note - if this is the same engine that has a combined oil filter housing/pcv set up then I'd replace it. If not then don't worry.