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  1. Having reread my above post in the cold light of day - I suspect I was talking bollocks. Partially. Probably. Comments on a post card - think I mentioned it had been a long day in the sun .... I'm seeing Tim later I'll plumb the depths of his mind for an answer to the meaning of boost.
  2. Might be being a bit dense..... but doesn't the recirculating valve have an impact on boost levels on part throttle? Pushes the charges air back into the intake manifold, reducing back pressure on the compressor side, which in turn feeds back to the TCV, so on boost levels under the wastage spring opening pressure the boost should be linear with throttle opening? It's been a long day in the please excuse me if I've gone off at a tangent.....think what I'm saying is that due to the recerc, with low boost pressures ( under the wg spring rating) i.e. Part open throttle, the engine is a bit like a NA. At WOT with a big spring the pressure will just build until the spring pops the gate open, with the TCV adding a few extra tenths of bar potentially. .......just reread the above & still can't decide if it makes any sense....turbos = witchcraft. Simples. Edit: shame on you Aidan for posting such a mentally taxing conundrum on a bank holiday Friday evening. I'm now going to have to open another bottle of wine & get on Wikipedia to fathom out the inner workings of forced air induction or I'll never get to sleep....and I need to sleep....and I'm too thick to fathom out this stuff anyhow. Where's Tim to scathingly put it into layman terms when you need him!?
  3. Shit happens. Check your main fuse board: Good chance you've fried one or more relays. Have a check & with a bit of luck it'll be a simple fix, simply swap out any blown relays - eBay is a awash with known good 2nd hand ones for pennies. Good luck. Morgan
  4. It'll unlikely be a HG. They're generally Pretty robust on a 2.3 white block. Much more likely your turbo is on its way out which would account for it burning oil & the smoke. You could have coolant leak, as mentioned above, so check level & top up if required. Monitor level & keep an eye out for leaks. cheers, Morgan
  5. Welcome along fella. Definitely too many projects there fella. Thin the fleet down & use the funds/time to get your favourites roadworthy. Im a Bridgend boy originally, now living in sunny Hertfordshire. We've got Castle Coombe coming up in about 8 weeks - pop over the bridge if your able, it's a good day out. Cheers, Morgan
  6. Andrew, just sent you a text. Need these if still available whilst mine go in for a refurb. Cheers, morgan
  7. I'd get in touch with Tim - he's mega busy ATM getting various sheds () ready for a ring trip....but perseverance will pay off..... By the sounds of it you'll be after a head refresh - stem seals, skim & gaskets etc, possibly new rings, potentially a turbo rebuild & fitting the clutch kit. Might make sense to do some other work whilst the engine is stripped down. Tim is very fair on what you can or can't do with whatever budget you have & will advise you on the best course of action to take. It's going north of a grand if you get it all done, more depending on the final plan, but then you've piece of mind that it should be pretty bullet proof for a good while. Also a good opportunity to do upgrades if your ever aiming for more power - specifically forged rods and p&p the head - budget & personal preferences depending. Good luck. Morgan
  8. Have you cleared the codes? probably would be worth investing is a new/known working 2nd hand sensor to swap it out & see if that helps. Good luck.
  9. Welcome along, sounds like your well on your way to getting your bus into fine fettle......if you haven't done it yet, or you've got no evidence of it being done by the last owner, then a stage zero (essentially a very comprehensive service of the ignition system & turbo pipe work plus a few other odds &sods) should be high on your priority list. Google it. Don't forget the TCV (bcs-same thing)- if it's original it'll be well past it's best. The 850s are a great old bus & with the right mods can be deceptively quick, even round a corner if set up right. Problem is, it's a slippery slope when you get started, as most on here have experienced If you download the photo bucket app to your phone you'll be able to link photos just like you do on the laptop. All the best, Morgan
  10. The Monroe stuff is approx 30% of what Volvo want for the same item, made in the same factory, sometimes less if you shop around. Cheapest I've found for the rears is £375 delivered a pair, then as you've said, springs for just shy of £100 a pair, then any other sundries plus fitting. Found this link for the Rs, but can't imagine the 4c set up on the FWD at the rears is any different - sure somebody will chip in if I'm wrong. Cheers, Morgan
  11. Best to so them in pairs of you can. Don't forget the springs, old springs will be super soft.
  12. Welcome along. I too have a facelift P2 2.4 T5, mines a V70. From what I understand the 316mm disc is standard on the facelift T5s & the calipers are identical to the 336mm set up on an XC90. You just need the larger discs & carriers. The earlier P2 T5s had 305mm set up with a 320mm upgrade. I believe the calipers are different from the xc90 but the larger set up can be grafted on by drilling out the steering limiter arm accept 14mm bolts & you'll need calipers, carriers & discs, and probably new longer flex hose to the calipers from the brake hard line. Have a read through this, it should answer most of your questions. He's a member on here too. If your on the original 4c suspension it'll almost certainly need refreshing at nearly 9 years old, especially if your over 100k. It'll be past it's best. Buy monroe shocks, they're the OE manufacturer. I've done my fronts & rears are next up once Tim gets back from the ring (when he starts picking up the phone again lol). Your looking at £350/corner for shocks, springs & sundries. Plus fitting. HTH, all the best, Morgan
  13. Check your sky settings. Iirc Sky will chose similar programs to ones you've watched/recorded in the past & download them for your viewing pleasure. Bit like predictive text. Useful, but frustrating, especially when it goes off piste. You have the option to turn this off - somewhere in settings. Good luck & try to stay off babe station, you'll go blind.
  14. Lol.....I'd have to agree...for all their foibles they are a very nice place to whittle away the miles on a long road trip. My wife says the opposite to yours - "love it less & stop spending so much bloody money on it!" Can't keep everyone happy it seems!
  15. Sounds like a plan. I've found in my P2 T5 ownership that there's no such thing as free motoring they're the gift that keeps on giving.... Thank god they're lovely & comfy, or I would have set fire to mine