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  1. I not ready.....not even close........... 20k in the last 12 months over Hertfordshires fine (cough) roads have left me a pretty lengthy list of minor jobs to be attended to. Starting with a new middle exhaust section since I holed mine a couple of weeks ago on road debris - GSF totally & royally flucked up the replacement, so still waiting on the parts. Plus its my last week of work at my current company, so no bloody time to do owt. That's just the daily. The 850R estate is without an MOT, the saloon an engine. In deepening desperation I've been scanning eBay for a track car I can buy, drive then put up for sale again on the Monday lol!
  2. I would imagine you'll need to forge the bottom end, add a load of supporting Mods to the rest of the engine bay & free flowing exhaust with matched DP. But yes. I'd say it could be done - and I fully expect some maniac swede/yank has already done it. It won't be cheap though. Some other upgrade options: The amazon bought by guy martin had a t6 lump with a big turbo stuck on the side
  3. Almost certainly..... 1. It's a Volvo.....a multitude of other gremlins will almost certainly plague you. The general rule: Number of Irritating, seemingly unrelated mechanical processes are directly proportional to the square of the difficulty rating in the Haynes book of lies. 2. It's a spring loaded, motor driven, micro switch controlled fancy umbrella that's in excess of 12 years old. 3. Fortune favours the brave.......just remember to take loads of photos, perhaps even a video of your efforts. Who knows, if it all goes horrendously tits up you could become an overnight YouTube sensation Good luck, you never know- it mayreally turn out to be a couple of self tappers, plug in a few controllers & you'll be good to go!! Keep us updated.
  4. Nice update fella - made me chuckle - although I am relieved you didn't go oTT with the hit of testosterone after your brakes win & start splashing on go faster stripes or a big shiny Zorst.... If your doing the rear brakes, might as well do the handbrake cables (as their likely to be stretched if original) and stick in the adjustment thingymabob that will allow better handbrake....adjustment.... Good luck. I watched Tim do my rear brakes & there was hardly any swearing! Cheers, Morgan
  5. This has just popped up on VOC with a trader selling adaptor brackets for £275. Is it a move on or just another chancer flogging a dead horse & profiteering? Answer on a postcard. Morgan
  6. That only just qualified as a roll. Barely a flesh wound. Not surprised the fella who your renting off wants you to buy it though!! Lol. Watched it a few times, just looked like you over cooked it a little pushing hard, but you did seem to hit the inside curb heavy on your way through the right hander - did the drivers side wheels lift off? That may have been why you couldn't catch the spin - only half the rubber on the road! Keep up the good work - and amusing updates - but in all seriousness I'm glad you walked away OK. We only learn from our mistakes, so chin up & crack on as a proud privateer! All the best, Morgan
  7. Just in case any other folks are a bit like me & leave things like hotel booking relatively late - booking dot com are flogging standard doubles in the Ibis for £72/night. Just booked mine for Friday night. Cheers, Morgan
  8.'ve properly thrown the cat amongst the Pigeon's now! Mixing oils! Sacre bleu! You'll be lynched by the plebs for that..... Back to the OP: I'd suggest a good quality fully synthetic 10/40 for daily driving. For track use, or planned prolonged spirited driving then the 10/60. Loads of brands - redline, gulf, shell helix ultra, Petronas etc.... I use gulf competition in my 2.4 T5 5/40, as a good balance between cost & quality. My car is totally standard. No noticeable loss of oil between changes & I'm doing an oil change every 3 months due to my mileage (450miles plus, a week) & as much as I'd like to use Redline due to its great reputation, I can't justify the additional expense. However in a high performance weekend toy that only gets a thrashing now & again - no expense should be spared - as no matter how expensive the oil, it's always going to be cheaper than an engine rebuild - which is what you will face if with low oil pressure & a hot engine. Coming from 850s which I've always run on 10/40 semi I was truly shocked at the piss thin oil that came out of the P2 when I first changed the oil a week after buying it - it was filled with Castrol 0/30 as specified by Volvo & fitted by the PO. I'd already bought the thicker gulf oil after doing a bit of research & was glad I had. Thin oils & old engines is never going to end well! Good luck. Oil is a minefield of opinion. Just trust your own judgement. Morgan
  9. Magic. See you in a couple of weeks.
  10. Have you had the big hoses out & physically manipulated them?.sometimes they look ok, but when twisted about then a bloody great spit appears. A smoke test is also a good idea. It may show up a spit in the intercooler etc..
  11. Welcome. Nice buy. Don't know why, but I really like that colour - one of the other fellas has an 850 T5 in the maroon & it looks very smart with a good buffing.
  12. I'll have it. Cash at coombe ok? Cheers, Morgan
  13. Failing your buying a T5 (always a good idea ) and it being a new OE part - I'll have it. If you're OK to bring it to coombe for a fist full of fivers. Well five of them. Cheers, Morgan
  14. It's good to go I reckon. Quick tap with the hammer & bit of liquid gasket, jobs a goodun.
  15. That's them. Remember to check the connecting pipework. Yours looks original in that photo, so it's spent 12years in the engine bay, some if not all of it, will be past it's best - so worthwhile changing. Prove the wife wrong & get elbow deep into the guts of the engine bay - just keep a phone handy to call Tim for help putting it all back together
  16. Friday night for me. Be heading back Saturday - are we still heading to kings & quick bite after? Cheers, Morgan Edit: Just read the other thread So home after lunch & kings for me. Looking forward to another educational evening out in Brizzle - Tony's coffee saved the day last year, along with the donuts!
  17. PS check your turbo to intercooler pipework for damage. In fact all rubber hoses in the engine bay, if you hadn't already. A small leak/tear can allow un-metered air into the intake & cause you to run lean. I had something similar last week - odd hot start & rough idle which escalated to a burst intercooler hose as I tried to overtake a car on a fast A road in my way home on Friday night. Car went into 'engine protection' and the little orange triangle lit up, but got me home. Changed hose. All well. Could be a faulty sensor or two as mentioned above also. Quick blast on Vida might help to track live data and pinpoint the issue - I've assumed there you're using a generic code reader. All the best, Morgan
  18. He has both. They're full of cars/engines I'm various states of repair & double decker bar multi packs. Or jaffa cakes. He's not fussy when it comes to confectionery based bribes. He works out of a unit near coalville in Leicestershire. He also has a dry wit, keen nose for bullshit & a spanner or two. Won't find a better bloke to fix your car. Or refuse to work on it if he thinks your delusional. Patience is a virtue though, as we all fight over pieces of the Tim cake. Popularity has its price.
  19. Welcome along. Don't be shy. On this forum you can be both old & bold - without fear of being flamed - so rip off the sensible 16s and whack on a set of 18s w/low profile boots & enjoy the bone rattling ride. It'll be like stinking two fingers up at decrepitude. It's all boost gauges & massive sub woofers from here on in....... On a more sensible note...nice fleet...plenty of good, knowledgeable folk on here who'll do their best to answer well phrased, sensible, technical queries which will most likely save you a fair bit if time & money. Those of us less knowledgeable () just take the piss to try & look clever.
  20. Don't worry about that psycho babble, mumbo jumbo, mind over matter tosh..... Get this soundtrack on your mp3 player & you'll be an unstoppable driving machine. Unstoppable. Golden rule: rubbing is racing....
  21. There's a series of those videos, they all have merit. I've even started watching the mcm stuff, which has made me laugh a fair bit, once you peel back the Aussie dry wit (schoolyard banter) the enthusiasm for modding cars shines through. Quite refreshing. Particularly enjoying their Waasaabi 9000 build atm! RE: 19t, think you'll need to go bigger as by the sounds of it you've maxed out the blower - bigger A/R turbo and less boost should see you right, but at the expense of your wallet I expect. One thing I did remember from my conversation with Tim was that the recirc valve should be matched to the wastegate actuator in terms of opening pressure. Can't remember why though, although I'm going to have a stab that if you are running more boost than stock the factory RV is going to open earlier than you'd like it to & bleed pressure away from the compressor housing.
  22. Paul, there's a fella on vpcuk after a set of Atacama mats. Best drop him pm.
  23. If the rings had gone or you had excessive bore wear then you'd most likely be seeing plumes of black smoke as oil escaping past the pistons burned off in the combustion chambers. You describe white. I'd be concentrating on the ancillaries (I.e. bolt on bits like turbo, intercooler, hoses etc...) to trace the fault before investing in some potentially expensive, and possibly unnecessary engine work. You may find yourself considerably lighter in the pocket only to have a car that still smokes because the original root cause wasn't isolated & addressed. No offense intended to your mechanic, but I'd definitely be getting a second opinion from a Volvo specialist as the turbo white blocks have a distinct set of foibles that can become like chasing your tail if you the common faults are not systematically eliminated. And since you'll be paying......need I say more? Try & get in touch with Tim Williams, he's always super busy, but well with the wait - he'll save you fortunes in avoiding unnecessary work & few will track down a problem faster. Good luck.
  24. Did find this on you tube though......think it may help....I felt marginally less confused after watching it
  25. I did broach the subject - briefly - as he was lifting the Cam Cover off the wife's C70 T5 to resolve an oil leak for the second time in as many months. He said something. Intelligent. About physics. Reference was made to pressure & heat. I'm not going to lie, I nodded, made a few comments that I hope didn't sound to ignorant & silently promised myself I'd dig out my old physics textbooks once I got home. I didn't press him for clarification on any key points due to it being a bank holiday Saturday - I knew he had better places to be - so let him get on with fixing the car than answering my poorly phrased theoretical queries on actuators, tcv's & boost pressures. He'll not get away so lightly at coombe.