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  1. When I looked on Andrew page I couldn't find it for soo cheap? Tried looking but couldn't find it for 30quid lol Zaff
  2. Is Carlube any good? I didnt think it was all that. Plus mine has a DPF as its the 163bhp.
  3. Hey Up Everyone, What spec oil do i need for the above. Car has done 215k miles and needs a service. What grade of oil do i need etc? Cheerz Zaff
  4. RIP. Condolences to his Fam. Not good to go out like that with people still needing you.
  5. I filled up at Costco over the weekend. Guy told me they get there super unleaded is the same as Texaco? Cant argue with the price though! Zaff
  6. Lol nice 1. What's next? Going back to Dublife?
  7. Petrolhead checklist ticked - V8 + Supercharged - FUKIN CHECKED!!!!

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    2. stedman


      Is it S/C'd though ;)

    3. RuthlessGK


      I am saving up for an exhaust now for it as it's just too muted. Want AMG levels of warble over 3k lol

    4. irf


      Can't beat a v8 warble!

  8. Pics or it didnt happen lol
  9. That one in that colour isnt working for me but I think they look brilliant. Yes they have gone slightly Audi(ish) in the styling expecially the XC90 but i just think they look wicked. So much want for a T8 XC90 or S/V90. Zaff
  10. Please say the S40 isn't your only car. If I lived in Texas an S40 wouldn't be one of the highest priorities on my list to have! Please say you have a Dually or a Viper tucked in the garage as well lol. Welcome to the forum Zaff
  11. Been insured with these lot for 2years now. Everything I've been insured with them they have always done well. Just need to sort the online side of things so if I decide to replace my car when you guys aren't open I would like to be able to log in and add it to my policy.
  12. KLRacing is probably best place to order one from. Very well priced as well. Mate bought an Exhaust off them which fitted very nicely. Zaff
  13. Ive seen that quote before. Just not on a t-shirt lol
  14. I have an exhaust but I need to know if it's repairable as it has rusted on the flange where the exhausts backbox meets the middle pipe. I have pics but unsure if it's repairable lol. It's an oem Volvo s40 p2 sports cat back exhaust Zaff
  15. If you are planning on just getting another Golf R why not just buy another runaround? You've got this car to where you want it and your high standards so I can't imagine you will find another. Good Luck either way. Zaff