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  1. I haven't seen that one, will take a look thanks Broady
  2. I'm just a bit undecided. Ideally I would like a T5 (v70), but they are proving difficult to find a good one, so a D5 twin turbo ex plod might be on the cards, my concern is whether the turbo's are reliable or are they renowned for giving trouble, proving very expensive. Would anyone be aware of answers to these questions, all replies are appreciated
  3. I'm after a well looked after P2 T5 for weekend playtime, so definitely not a commuter. (I just sold that a P3 2.0d R-design) that was a workhorse but never let me down, preferably leather and all the toys (not essential) Must be Manual, Preferably 06> (better lights)
  4. I must admit to not knowing enough about the matter and i'm lost in the terminology, so it seems like ive been baffled with science
  5. I have a 2.0D V70 R Design (09), it has been remapped from 136bhp to 170bhp 2years ago, it has now started kicking up problems (codes and engine fault lights) I've tried contacting the so-called auto electrician who did the remap without success, so I drove round to his garage he said none of his computer programs would talk to the ECU and that Vida would be able to reprogramme it. Does anyone in the vicinity of myself have an updated version of VIDA that covers the phase3 v70 more to the point would they be prepared to have a go at sorting mine out (for a price) PLEASE, any help in this area would be appreciated.
  6. I have a V70 2.0D R-Design, 127000miles cambelt and waterpump changed at 120000 (not due till 150000) so done early, remapped from 136-170bhp, very good mpg ie: 44+ around town, 47+motorway driving, 09 reg, full leather, cruise control, parking sensors, MOT'd til June 2017, I've never towed with it so no towbar fitted £5000 ono will buy this car
  7. The indicator stalk on my "phase 3 V70" has stopped holding the main beam on, it's still successful in it's other functions, but it is obviously an mot failure so I will have to replace it. I ordered one from my local Volvo breakers but when I came to fit it it became apparent it was the wrong part the plastic keyway was different and the electrical connections were different, lucky igs yet again, the part number is: 31275353. Does anyone have any ideas only I've had no success in finding one so far (national breaker search) all ideas will be gratefully received.
  8. Thanks for the recommendations, only not familiar with the requirements of LPG
  9. As the title suggests, I'm seriously thinking of getting a V70R and then having a LPG conversion, this is all because I do so many miles and circumstances mean I can't run two cars. Is this a viable option or because engines run hotter when using LPG that this engine might be vulnerable. Thoughts? Any replies are welcome.
  10. I appreciate this might be old news to some, however I've just driven past the Malthouse in Rishworth and it's closed down so no more meets there then, I don't know when this happened but the wife seems to think she heard something about it hitting difficult times a couple of months ago, hope this doesn't cause too much disappointment it was always a good meet.
  11. I was filling my tank today when it was apparent that it had a leak, (I only managed £30 worth) now if I am lucky it will be just a loose or perished connector but I don't think I'm that lucky and therefore I'll need a replacement tank .............Any Ideas as to where I might get a used one as I've no intention of paying Volvo's prices
  12. Thanks for the reply DSK, my intention is to leave the original wiring as is and get an extention lead from Maplins or somewhere like and alter that cable, and connect the two wires in the glove box so won't be altering the original. Will this be possible do you know?
  13. I want to reach the back of the 12v socket (cigarette lighter socket) on the dash, however because its behind the roller shutter in between the seats on the 3 and because I have a dash-cam connected permanently, I am unable to close the roller shutter because there isn't sufficient room. My intention is to hard wire it from behind so to solve this problem, but if this isn't possible please let me know as I'm no auto electrician and I don't want to cause problems with the wiring. Any help would be appreciated
  14. I started stripping the doors down, and it wasn't very evident what was required and what needed replacing, however a phonecall to Huddersfield Volvo breakers revealed that the whole doorcatch assembly needs replacing to get the remote central locking to work and he wanted £50 pound a side, my thoughts on that are that as long as the catches and locks work manually then I'm buggered if I'm going to spend that kind of money just so I can press a button to do the same thing (got to admit though it was more convenient before when it worked) VOLVO want £175 a side apparently.
  15. Does anyone know whether central locking units fitted to the individual doors can be fixed or is it a replacement job to repair only