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  1. Thanks for your posts @Redbrick - Yeah, properly frustrating. The whole thing was being attempted to try and save a few quid and get my car back on the road as economically as possible. The problem you'd experienced is exactly why I don't want to risk it. Getting caught out somewhere and having to be recovered is never great eh. @urban tiger - Agreed, I don't know either! I did have to move the hub somewhat when getting the strut assembly back on, but nothing I 'd consider to be excessive. I am not clear on the make up of a drive shaft/CV joint and I can't visualise how things should / shouldn't look. Having seen some ball bearing images on the internet, i know I don't want to go down that road tho. I guess I'm struggling to see that just pushing the axle/shaft back on splines (in the gearbox?) is 'sufficient'. I feel that something needs to be bolted up or something equally as secure, bearing in mind the stresses that must be in that area Honestly, I'm never happy buying ebay bits second hand from broken cars as I'm unsure of their condition. If I were more able to mechanic, then I might be more willing to get things swapped over and try that route
  2. I agree top a point, but there's a big difference between attempting to identify an issue and effecting a repair. Whilst I'd be happy to push a popped joint back in, I am extremely reluctant to start reassembling CV joints. Again, for me that's two different propositions The book-time question wasn't so much about me going to a main dealer, but having a marker to know what I can expect from a local mech. I guess their willingness to do the work will be demonstrated by their quote.. I'm cautious as being drivetrain, doing something wrong can get me stranded. I don't know if it makes any odds, but I noticed you mention 'slowly lift the clutch'. The car is an auto so maybe that's another consideration ??
  3. Thanks for your reply Unfortunately this is something I wouldn't attempt to fix. Like brakes, I wouldn't try a repair unless 100% confident. So, back to the 'mobile mechanic' and 'book time' questions unfortunately!
  4. Thanks for your reply This is not something I would attempt doing myself! Bearing in mind I cannot drive the car, is it viable to have the problem properly diagnosed by a decent mobile mechanic? Not sure how realistic this is if only trolley jacks and axle stands are used.. Is there a 'book time' for work such as this? Cheers
  5. Hi all Managed to get myself into a spot of bother with my 850r. Trying to save a bit of money whilst looking to get my car back on the road and ended up causing another problem ..Any help/advice would be appreciated. Removed my NSF damper/spring assembly last night. Thought I wouldn't rush it and I'd do some more tonight. Finished what I wanted to do this evening, replaced strut+spring unit, refitted the wheel and jumped in the car to move it: no drive at all. 'Spinning/graunching' noise can be heard from the front of the car. Jacked it all up again and looks like the noise is coming from the driveshaft area, which is only stopped by putting the (auto) gearbox in neutral. Any ideas please? ! Thanks
  6. Thats a real shame. Back to the drawing board ! Thanks for your posts
  7. Hi stotter34 - Something of a longshot, but would you know if the BC's will fit/can be economically be made to fit an 855r ? If so, v interested Thanks
  8. Tim, thank you for your reply and info. I agree the work should be straightforward for a professional. I will see what sort of prices people are wanting .. Now of into the world of deciding on parts! Bilstein/Koni/Sachs/Boge/KYB/H&R/Apex/Eibach/OE etc etc. There are some good prices on B4 struts and matched with an Apex spring for example, I could have the majority of parts needed for £330ish. Whilst going B6 and H&R would be nice, it too close to my ultimate preference of of BC coilovers from a cost point of view. Anyway .. Thanks again
  9. OK, thank you. I'm going to have a look about for prices - Would I be right in saying that 'front top mounts' are the same as 'strut top mount' and 'insulators' can also be called 'upper spring seats' ? Would I also have a rear strut top mount ? My car is no longer running nivomat .. Appreciate your help. It would be nice to get the car to you at some stage but it's not viable at present (I'm in Kent and the car is currently of the road. These questions are part of getting things rolling again). It's difficult when there are no specialists locally as you leave yourself open to prices/guidance on work thats needed.
  10. Thanks very much for your reply Tim Can I also ask if there is anything that particularly makes sense (from a labour point of view ) whilst doing the springs and dampers? Thinking about control arms/bushes and subframe bushes etc ..
  11. Hi - Would anyone be able to give me an idea of how long a garage/mechanic would take to fit x4 dampers and springs to an 850r estate please? If anyone has had this done, what were the labour costs incurred? Thank you
  12. Thanks for your replies
  13. I have had this on two cars : first was bad geometry on a car that was running run-flats that shouldn't have been. The extra hard tyre wall held up and ' pushed' the wear across to the weaker part of the tyre. The second was a broken coil spring that had spun around and started to erode the tyre wall. If I had to guess with yours, I would say something had been rubbing
  14. Thanks - Yeah, I had a good read through of that thread. It looks like the owner was pleased with the results and there are some good items there. For me, B6 with half decent springs are too close to BC coilovers price wise. As these are my top choice but cant afford them right now, I need to look at other options. B4 and Apex look OK cost wise, I just need to be sure that the spring quality is alright and the car won't sit too high on the Bilsteins I also need to try and get my head around why these Prosport coilovers get poor reviews ..
  15. There are a few ! Easily done ! Yeah, I agree re the Koni (although not tried them). I can only see the spring affecting ride height too, but when you see that someone has fitted B4's and the ride has gone up, cant help but be cautious